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  1. Confirmed. If you search for and download "Everynote Widget" in the app store it works. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply but didn't work. I've submitted a ticket with support but haven't heard anything back yet btw.
  3. Hello everyone, I've been really enjoying Evernote until today when every time I open a note from my home screen I get the message "Note Loading Error - Note not found". The error screen stays there while the note does in fact load, so there isn't a problem loading the note at all! This only happens when I open a note using the Evernote Widget on my homescreen. Once the program is open I can toggle between notes just fine but going from the homescreen to a note with one click like I've done so many times before seems impossible. I've restarted my phone, killed the app in task manager and logged out of my account but the problem persists. Where should I go from here? Here is a screen shot of my phone when this happens. Best, Jameson
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