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  1. Just a tad suboptimal, but what a great workaround for when there's no pc around. Thanks!
  2. I stand corrected. The downloaded Evernote app DOES have the function to copy or duplicate a note perfectly, bit for bit. It's a drop-down menu option in the PC app.
  3. Found out the function IS available in the downloaded PC version of evernote. It just doesn't live in the pda app nor the "web sign-in" version.
  4. I fixed your quote for you. Seems jefito and grumpy monkey read a little bit extra into the OP's post. SamSydneyAustralia was simply asking how to copy an entire note into another notebook, not to additionally have it sync. Same with me. I don't want the copies to sync. I must be able to periodically create an exact duplicate of a note with one click, including bolding, characters, italics, indents, etc., for notes of sometimes thousands of letters, numbers, or even symbols such as these:【∂ ※ ■ λ ↵ ℵ ⓩ Ψ ₴ ⇝♘ ‡ ₫ ⇕ Ω ㎨ ♣ ⅞ ♂ ώ ⊥ ₡ ⇲ ♬ ⅷ μ ↶ ⑩ ∴ ϑ ≅ ✘ þ ≮ ≒ ∏ ◑ ∇ ∮ ☆ ฿ ⚁ ✓ ↹ ¶ ↯ 】 And, evernote DOES have it. I had to do some digging, but I found out where they keep it. It's too critical a feature for credible developers to have left it out. However, it's curious that "copy note" is not available on the web version of Evernote, nor the pda app. For some reason, it ONLY appears within the downloaded PC app. It is a drop-down menu option. But, like I said, it has become one of those mission critical features for many. Thank goodness some developer(s) saw the importance of carrying it forward from US Robotics or wherever they first used it.
  5. Another request here for what has been a critical functionality for years on my pda devices. Disappointing and bizarre that it's missing in Evernote.
  6. Hi. Welcome to the forums! It's like the Inception version of syncing. On one level you sync your account, and on the second one you sync a note between different folders in an account. Although certainly an interesting idea, why not just use the one that is in the shared notebook? Why do you need a totally separate one that syncs to that note? I don't see how my reason(s) for needing a duplicate of a note would in any way be pertinent to an answer. I need the feature. I'm paying for this app. It makes zero sense that it is lacking when it's been available in several pda platforms for years. It'd be just great to receive a simple answer, preferably even a helpful one, regarding a feature I've been accustomed to using since 1995 on my Palm Pilot. Instantaneous note duplication with one click. Use it. Live it. Love it. Thanks in advance..
  7. Would be an easy workaround if true. For purposes of logical sequencing and organization within my notes, I separate many "things" vertically as well as by using the long spaces available on many pda kepboards. Unfortunately, Evernote wasn't programmed to retain such simple formatting. Copying and pasting for me is totally unacceptable as it renders all the hours of the tedious separation of information useless. The "paste" part simply dumps large masses of run-on data. Sure it could possibly be reformatted, if I had hours to waste and extra brain cells to burn trying to remember how things were "formatted." I wholeheartedly agree it is quite ridiculous that a function as basic as "duplicate note" is apparently missing from an app with a reputation of being a "notes" app..
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