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  1. Clipper has stopped working on Safari 9 El Capitan which I just updated to last night after being released in the App Store. When I click the clipper button in the Safari menu, there is no response. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks, Chris Edit: This seems to have been a temporary issue, after restarting Safari, clipper seems to be working again. Still not sure what the issue was.
  2. After some research and troubleshooting, I've noticed that the latest web clipper for Safari (V5.6) is preventing Adsense ads from displaying. As an Adsense publisher myself this is an issue. Please let me know when this will be addressed and fixed. Thanks, Chris
  3. I get this a lot as well. Best solution so far (albeit annoying) is to restart Safari.
  4. OK thanks, I noticed Mailplane does support Gmail and the clipper is on their default toolbar--for anyone else interested.
  5. I have the latest version of web clipper for FF (5.1) and it is not clipping highlighted text in Gmail. Is this not supported or is it a bug? Thanks. Chris
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