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  1. Dear Evernote team Some of our customers are experiencing random error 3 with parameter=authenticationToken in the logs. They can export their note to Evernote most of the time but for some notes (usually one per customer) it causes problems. Any hint on where to look ? Thanks David The Beesapps team
  2. Evernote China login

    Dear Mustafa, Did as suggested, new release out on the AppStore and users still can connect. LEt me know what we should ask him to get this working ? I suggest we get in touch directly and discuss possible way of solving this if you agree. Kind regards, David
  3. Evernote China login

    OK got it. I understand selecting one or the other is just a matter of which service is called first inn the list. For an international App, we should just select the US one If we targeted more directly the chinese market, we should use the chinese one to make it more efficient. Thanks for this. Maybe update the Readme part about the bootstrap string highlighting this point, to help people make the good choice thanks a lot for your help in solving this issue. Kind regards, David
  4. Evernote China login

    Dear Mustafa thanks for the information. What's the use for 2 different bootstrap strings then ? This is making it confusing. So basically, if we user the US string in our code, you will determine in the SDK if the user is a chinese one and allow him to switch between any of the 2 available service there. Is this correct ? Kind regards, David
  5. Evernote China login

    Dear Mustafa, We have a recent version. The point is how do you select the BootstrapServerBaseURLStringUS or BootstrapServerBaseURLStringCN when initializing the Evernote session ? If iy would have been a generic request with your SDK selecting the right one, why is there 2 options ? which one should we choose from when we launch our app ? Thanks for your help
  6. Evernote China login

    Dear Mustafa, I'm not sure I understand what we should do. The App is on the AppStore, we do not know form which country the user is. If we use BootstrapServerBaseURLStringUS, then what happen to chinese users ? Kind regards, David
  7. Evernote China login

    Dear Evernote team, Checking the docs for correctly handling the login to Evernote servers, there is no detailed code to handle the chinese login prompt. How should we handle this selection knowing that the current example code use an hard-coded value or so it seems: // Initial development is done on the sandbox service // Change this to BootstrapServerBaseURLStringUS to use the production Evernote service // Change this to BootstrapServerBaseURLStringCN to use the Yinxiang Biji production service // BootstrapServerBaseURLStringSandbox does not support the Yinxiang Biji service NSString *EVERNOTE_HOST = BootstrapServerBaseURLStringSandbox; Any help appreciated as some of our chinese users have issues connecting to the service. Kind regards,David
  8. Issues with iOS after password reset request ?

    OK corrected thank you Mustafa. To summarize and maybe help some people out there: - the latest Evernote iPad version is now able to handle the authentication process so your app is relying on it - it goes through calling the Evernote app which then calls back your app - it means you must handle the canHandleURL method in your app delegate to take over. Thanks to Mustafa for helping us out. Kind regards, David PS: the former authentication process was running just fine with previous versions of Evernote.
  9. Issues with iOS after password reset request ?

    Hi Mustafa, Understood for the change log in the API itself, we were more thinking at a migration log, telling us to watch out for important changes that we MUST do to be compliant. What I understand from the change log is that the latest Evernote version will authenticate the user inside the Evernote App is this correct ? How does it affect the Oauth process and what should we do to take this into consideration, knowing that from the look of the logs i do have under my eyes for our faulty customer, it looks like they did upgrade to the latest version: most of the logs comes from your app. I find it somewhat curious that the Oauth process should be different depending on the version of Evernote that is installed on the iPad. Could you confirmed ? I did mp you to get in touch directly to exchange about those logs. Kind regards, David
  10. iOS SDK issues and Localization file

    Thanks a lot, it will be much better if the side effect disappears
  11. Issues with iOS after password reset request ?

    Dear Fred, Thanks for the advice, I did not mean that your suggestion about reinstalling was not a good one Just one that we cannot advise ourself to our customers We did upgrade right now to the latest SDK and it's working fine on our test iPads but it was already working fine on them. The issue comes from some customers out there on the field so we cannot be sure that upgrading to the latest SDK solves this issue, we'll have to submit to Apple and wait for 5 days Hence our question to the team to try to understand what could be going on and cause issues to make sure we corrected the point prior to request Apple's approval (takes too long ). Thanks for pointing out the SDK. Mustafa, ok for the logout, this is rather new. But it works on our current test platform though. We had a look at the read me. How long ago did this changed for the canhandleURL and the call back feature ? We don't have this and it's working fine for most of our users except those I mentioned. Do you have an idea of what could be the issue ? As a side note Mustafa, we are a bit concerned about all the changes made to the iOS SDKs, we would very much like a change log of things to configure in the documentation from one version to the other so that we don't miss important things. Thanks for your help David
  12. Dear Evernote team, When updating to the latest iOS SDK you provided, this introduced issues in our localization file, in english. Checking around, we have found that 2 files names Localizable.strings in the same Xcode project can cause random localization issues from random customers. Since you introduced one new localizable.strings file in your SDK project, this has caused some issues to a certain number of Beesy's customers. We would encourage you to changing your naming convention for this file in order to not cause any side effect for production app. Just thought this could help you and others using the SDK. Kind regards, David
  13. Issues with iOS after password reset request ?

    By the way, thank Fred for the reinstall trick but unfortunately, this is definitely not an option for us. Users do have things in their App. Kind regards, David
  14. Issues with iOS after password reset request ?

    Dear Mustafa, The issue we have is that this is not consistent across users. Most of the time everything will be fine but for some users, it does not work. Thanks for your help David
  15. Issues with iOS after password reset request ?

    Dear Mustafa, Actually, they disconnect from Evernote in Beesy using a call to https://www.evernote.com/Logout.action Then when they try to export a note, they are prompted for login / pwd. They receive an email from Evernote stating they have authorized access to Beesy for a year But the export is somehow failing with no error message. If the user exports again, he's asked from login again. By direct contact, I can provide logs from an iPad with the issue. Please let us know what we should do. Can you explain what is happening ? Should we upgrade the SDK ? Are we sure it will solve the issue ? Kind regards, David