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  1. Funny to see how the 'You are leaving Evernote' message becomes something of a prophecy. Evernote has continuously decreased in both speed and functionality over the last couple of years. Today I was bothered by this annoying 'feature' once again and wanted to check for a setting to disable it. Instead I discovered this thread, going on for over a year now without even an official response. Really shows how detached from its aim and users Evernote has become. Moving to Simplenote for my main note program, Evernote will remain a backup for the graphic notes for a while but if somebody has a better alternative please let me know.
  2. I'm sorry, but it seemed like you missed something in my post. Like I said, I did NOT download this Evernote client from the Mac App store (ie, I DID download the direct download client). Also, the first response said this might be an issue with syncing or reindexing. As this issue is occurring frequently and I always respond to the alert from Evernote asking me to update (as opposed to manually checking for updates) I doubt this is the case. Evernote shows an alert when I attempt to quit while syncing, I assume Evernote won't start an update when syncing, or else wait until the sync is finished before completing the process. Other responses to that first reply appear to be indicating something similiar, so when I asked for I response I meant a response to the other replies. Upon rereading, that first reply also seems to be assuming that we manually trash Evernote from Finder, which is definitely not the case. And finally, the solution presented there, rm -rf ~/.Trash/*, isn't very safe...
  3. Is there someone from the Evernote team that can respond to this? I just ran into this issue again. I was not syncing at the moment, responded to a prompt from Evernote itself and did not download or update from the Mac App Store on this machine. If it is indeed an issue with syncing while updating, perhaps the Evernote client should finish its sync before updating. If this is already the case (after all, when I quit while a sync is in progress I see an alert, but there was no alert this time) the issue is probably not with syncing but with something else.
  4. Just ran into this issue again while updating to 5.0.5. Above staff made the suggestion this might be because Evernote was syncing or re-indexing, but Evernote actually asked me if I would like to finish my sync before updating. I answered yes, but the old version is still stuck in the trash. So, either the 'wait until sync is finished' isn't working properly or the issue is somewhere else.
  5. I'm not sure if you mean a shortcut for each field, but there is a general one: Command-Shift-I shows note info, and after you press it you can hit tab to go to each field. It might still be annoying to have to press a bunch of extra keys, but I've found it pretty useful once you've integrated it in your usual workflow.
  6. I can confirm this happens often after updating Evernote. In the past, quitting Evernote and forcing EvernoteHelper to quit from Activity Monitor was enough to allow the trash to be emptied, but now neither that nor using the 'Force Empty Trash' method seems to work. The rm -rf option did work, but doesn't strike me as a permanent solution. A 'workaround' I've been using for a while now is only using the 'update on quit' function, but it seems every time I forget this and use the immediate update, this issue pops up. I'm not sure if it happens with Mac App Store updates, but it definitely happens on (most) direct updates from the app itself, without any manual trashing.
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