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  1. @Jefito, Totally agree that the final calls are up to them, in terms of balancing what the right priorities are after weighing all the incoming feedback. Don't agree though, that it's not useful to second-guess them. I think being second-guessed by your customers can be extremely valuable. I'm not even second-guessing per se, rather providing feedback. This should be something valuable, given that they're a 100% consumer/smb-facing company. Their livelihood is their consumer satisfaction. My point is that MANY users seem to voice this concern, or related concerns, and there really has been very little progress over many years. I know they have other priorities, but my intention was to point out that at some point "we're busy with other stuff" becomes an empty or at least very weak excuse (becuase we all know that the "other stuff" list is infinite). Particularly when that other stuff is all over the place (food photo clipping, evernote peek, etc). I'm 100% ok to be overridden by popular outcry seeking flash-card-like ipad functionality. I just a) don't believe that in reality these features are as important to users as the core functionality of note-taking, thought-jotting, etc and don't think that being multi-platform is an excuse. Basic text formatting capabilities, via html or markdown or whatever, or not a cutting-edge technology. If I can make webpages work in IE7, Evernote should be able to get their note-taking interface up to current standards across platforms (unless it's not a priority). If the real answer is, rather than "we're really busy with important stuff", actually "we're not a note-taking app, we're a universal-capture-but-not-create app" then that's 100% OK with me. But this is not the current message/marketing/pitch. If evernote is my "external brain", it should be a place where I can at least have a non-buggy, basic level of text and note-taking support. My last point, and the reason that I wrote my original post, is that the debate surrounding these issues can be frustrating to watch on these forums. Often (to be clear, not always) the response from Evernote or Evernote Evangelists is , roughly, to criticize folks for even asking/expecting these types of features (or, even more, for feeling they have a right to know whether these features are on the roadmap). As far as I know this is the only place to discuss features with a chance of being heard by Evernote (I wish they used UserVoice or something similar!), and most people are really genuinely well-intentioned. I just don't agree with the blanket responses that "evernote can't immediately deliver everything it's 40m+ users request, so don't hold your breath" and "evernote can't immediately do everything because it's working on so many platforms, maybe it will work on this someday, or is working on it, but who knows". I think that there are probably a lot of people who want this, it shouldn't be THAT difficult, we're not asking for it immediately but sometime soon would be nice, and I do think it's reasonable for users to expect some degree of visibility into these things vs unquestioning support of an invisible roadmap. We don't need a full roadmap, but rough priorities or at least a commitment to NOT say "we're definitely interested in doing this at some point" if that's not really true. I think it's fair for people to get frustrated when something they consider core to an application they care a lot about isn't up to par, and when they feel like they're getting either misleading answers, unsatisfactory answers ("it's too hard"), indefinite/misleading answers ("it's hard but we're really trying to deliver on this sometime soon"), or no answers as to why and whether it will ever change. My ten cents. Again, genuinely happy to be outvoted here if I'm in a minority of caring about this feature. Just wish the message would be clearer one way or another from evernote.
  2. I would really like to second everything said here. Even if Evernote's primary purpose is to be data capture & search, the fact that it purports to be a place to store notes (even short ones!) but has such horrible formatting is a great failure. I'm not asking for OneNote like formatting, or even Microsoft word formatting. But basic bulleting is not hard. Neither his highlighting. Nor is it a herculean effort to get this stuff working cross-platform (if it is, they have made some bad technology decisions up to this point which will burden them forever or until they decide to make a change). Every platform supports some extremely basic formatting operations (bullets, indents, proper tabs, text color, background color, bold/italic/underline). That's really all we're after. The editor that I'm using right now, or on any other online forum, supports MUCH more formatting/etc than Evernote. The reality, I think, is that the massively cross-platform support effort has become a) a good example of extreme bog-down from supporting multiple codebases and a crutch to justify poor user experience on the creation-of-content and UI/UX side of things. Evernote is amazing for storing, searching, and just generally capturing information - which is why I continue to love and use it, despite the many ways in which I have sadly grown to hate it. But if a company that has been around for 5-7 years and has raised over $250 million dollars cannot get basic formatting right, they shouldn't be claiming they have anything to do with notetaking or the creation of unique content. Universal capture, fine (again, they're great at this). But it's unfair for Evernote and it's supporters to defend a company that can't get something this basic right. Evernote does not do this well, never has, and yet they market themselves as a note-taking repository in addition to being a capture-bucket. Either they should fix it, or they should market themselves differently, or they should just be honest about the fact that they made a few bad technology decisions combined with spreading themselves too thin across too many codebases and as a result are failing on this front. Bog-down from way too many focus areas isn't an excuse, but it's at least an explanation (is it really necessary to have Evernote available on obscure platforms, and are all the loosely-integrated side-projects really more important than this core functionality (skitch, hello, evernote food, clearly, evernote peek, etc) Off the top of my head, a few random examples (using bullet points): Bullet points in evernotes are fraught with technical issues. I'm not sure why they insist on using their own GUI, there are plentiful codebases out there for rich text editing that are cross-platform. A quick search on Evernote forums will show you the scope of this issue. An example is that on the Windows client, un-indenting a bullet (if it's not the first bullet in a list) is not possible. Whether you try the un-indent button or you hit shift-tab, the bulleted list simple dissolves and you have to re-create the bulleted list then indent. One example of this is here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18780-shift-tab-shortcut-broken/No highlight/background color support: why is this? It's particularly weird since on the mac client the text-color picker is insanely robust (detrimentally so, in my opinion: do you really need to be able to pick between CMYK, RGB, HSB color schemes AND have the options of crayons, color wheels, color spectrums, and color sliders to select a color? A bland 8x5 of color boxes would be fine! ). This is even weirder because Clearly CAN highlight stuff -- so I end up with evernote notes where things are highlighted, but I cannot un-highlight or add highlights! So inconsistent. Image insertion: if you insert an image to evernote notes, you can't resize it !! At all!Etc etc (a quick search for evernote editor on these forums will bring up many issuesAgain, I'm really trying to be constructive here. I love Evenote. I want to see it succeed. But I do not think that basic RTF functionality, available in ever web-email program in existence as well as all forums etc, is really that unreasonable. I'm not asking for any features that are unique or special or next-gen, I'm asking for the stuff available in a crappy program like MS Wordpad or a random forum post. I think that the backlash against these types of feature request is really unusual and odd. They are not unreasonable requests, and it has been a long time. 5-7 years and $250 million dollars should be able to get you the basics of text editing, on a piece of software that purports to be "your external brain" where you can dump thoughts and notes and capture content. If this is really that hard or if they really have that many other priorities, maybe they should rethink those priorities. Is a food-picture add-on that's loosely integrated, really more important than a very basic level of functionality in their core product? Is it really more important to support the Nth different OS or Mobile OS or browser?
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