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  1. Web Cliper the latest version of Firefox bad cuts screenshots. Trimmed image of the screen is shifted to the right compared with the selection.



    Evernote Windows:



    Web Clipper



    Firefox 39 i latest Web Clipper

  2. What client are you using? We can explain it if we know that.

    I use on different computers:

    1) Evernote for Windows

    2) Evernote for Windows portable version

    3) sometimes I use it with Firefox Web Clipper

    4) sometimes I use Evernote for Android

    I see, I can insert a link to a note in the form "evernote:///view/..." but such a link does not work on computers where I havent installed Evernote for Windows ;( (on some computers I use portable version no installation)

    While the link ":http://www.evernote.com/shard/....." runs a note in web browser and it is not editable.

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