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  1. Thank you! Was having the same issue after upgrading to Evernote 7.1 -- all my notes could not be searched on the Mac app, but I could find them on the web so I knew they were still there. I am syncing now using your keyboard command and really hope this works.
  2. I've just upgraded to Evernote Version 7.1 for Mac and it appears that the manual sync button which was in the previous version has been REMOVED. >:-< Booo Evernote.
  3. The amount of times I have hit enter when typing a tag, or realized a typo after I have hit enter is numerous. It is such a pain to then go in and manually delete these tags to prevent re-tagging notes with these incorrect or partial tags. Please just make it easy and remove any tag that has a "0" count from the system automatically.
  4. I do have a MBA, and would like to see the option for "Selective Sync" of my notebooks, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. It seems much too cumbersome to have two Evernote accounts, especially since I routinely post to and use a number of different notebooks for different purposes, at different times. For example, I have an interior design notebook for inspiration when furnishing my new apartment. Then, I have a daily journal. I also have commonly-used customer service numbers, to-do lists, and WordPress tutorials. I don't necessarily need all of them at once, but I would like the ability to download when needed. I don't mind waiting an hour or overnight for sync in order to save disk space when I'm not using certain notebooks. My vote is to add this as a premium feature. :-)
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