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  1. Thanks a million. That worked. I searched but couldn't find the logoff. But I don't think I ever even looked in Account info. -Jeff
  2. I just replaced my lost cell phone with a new Galaxy Grand Prime, however, my Evernote account is screwed up and I'm trying to get it back. Somehow I apparently have two Evernote accounts under two different email addresses; the gmail address of the android and the email address that I actually use for email. The gmail address account has all my notes when log into it on my desktop. However, the Evernote account that got set up on my Android (GOOD) is the other one (std email address) that has NO notes in it (BAD). HOW DO I GET RID OF THE BAD ACCOUNT ON MY ANDROID AND GET ANDROID TO CONNECT TO THE GOOD ACCOUNT so I can get all my notes back on the new Android? Thanks very much. Jeff
  3. Thanks, Gz & BnF- I guess I missed a few fundamental concepts as I've been using Evernote on my Android pretty much just as a replacement for the Windows Mobile Notes program I had running on my trusty ancient PDA that the smartphone replaced. I had never logged into the Web version but just did so and, verily, that might also be quite useful. In 'flailing away' at the problem, I seem to have pretty much done what was suggested in making sure the Note Conflict version was the one I wanted and renaming it after deleting the other one, both in the same notebook with no conflict notebooks there. I think I now understand that there is a big version in sky that the Android is sync'ing with; (something I wasn't sure of) and the notes are not solely resident on the device (as they were in WM). I also think I understand what probably triggered the Note Conflict (a new concept not encountered previously) was making fast and furious changes to the note before there was a sync. And thanks to your advice, I will clearly at least check the sync status at start and stop of working, although now I realize that a note conflict, if it occurs, is pretty easy to straighten out and certainly no cause for panic. Think I'm back on course without need to file a ticket. Thanks,again. -Jeff
  4. NOTE CONFLICT??? I continue flailing away at it and noted I'm now getting on my Android Evernote the message: "Note conflict EM200 Polar Alignment" where the last three words are the title of the note in question so now there are two notes: the original and the one appended with Note Conflict. It is the original one that keeps getting shared when I try to share the one appended with Note Conflict.. What is that about??? Is it something to do with the fact that I asked to send my login password several times and each time, instead of doing that, it said it opened another Evernote account (I must have 5 of them now) on my desktop so maybe it doesn't know where its sending them? I don't want to link or know how to link to any of them as I only want Evernote on my Android. When I deleted the original note so there is only the note appended with "Note Conflict", then share actually worked and links me to the correct note (the only one still on my device). I edited the Note Conflict note to remove those two words from its title and it seems I'm back to normal. What is going on with "Note Conflict" anyway and how do I avoid all this in the future??? Thanks again. -Jeff
  5. I have Evernote on my Android 4.0.1 Sensation 4G and it has worked fine up to now. Today I have been trying to share via email an updated note on my device so I can print it on my desktop but Evernote keeps sending to my email the same URL with an old version of the note. I tried disabling the URL and sharing again with a new URL but the same thing happened. The URL in the message being sent points to an old version of the note rather than the most recent updated version. Is the system not working? Or what do I do to get it to actually share the new, updated note??? Very disappointing and frustrating as I had come to rely on this program. Thanks, -Jeff
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