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  1. This feature is really becoming a make or break for me. At this point, I am probably going to cancel my Evernote Premium subscription. While the Evernote desktop clients are good, the level of consistency across all the different clients is just not there right now. People have suggested to build into nesting into the naming of tags. However, I find that it just doesn't work after about 3 or 4 levels down the tree. The tag names get way too long, to the point where the tag sidebar on my Macbook Air ends up taking a significant portion of the page if I want to see the names completely.
  2. I would like to request that hierarchical tag viewing be available on the iPhone app. I primarily organize my notes using nested tags. Being able to access this feature on the iPhone would be very helpful. Right now, I am using saved searches to get around this but an actual implementation would be great. Thanks! Alec
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