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  1. @Sue17 You have to Open Evernote Application. Then press & hold the Option key. While held down, you can then click on Help. See the screenshot that @DTLow posted. From there a Finder window will open up your database folder. From there you can right click on the database folder and Get Info to see how much space the Evernote database is taking up. I'm running into the same issue wherein I have a growing database and limited disk space. I tried uninstalling/deleting Evernote, but it will re-download everything once you re-install it again.
  2. The reasons you stated previously are the motivating factor for this discussion. There is no *efficient* way to do either for multiple notes. It simply doesn't exist, yet. Especially so for notes already shared or a shared notebook for the matter.
  3. I'm surprised nobody is talking about it more. Hopefully now that we've started this thread people will be more inclined to put in their two cents. I did hear back from Evernote support. I had them escalate the ticket and forward it onto the developers. If you're curious as to what they had to say you can PM me. Also, we need to be specific as to how the feature should be implemented and used. I believe many people make their voices heard, but perhaps that can be something that we as the consumers can improve on: specificity and positive solutions.
  4. Great use of granular. Love it. I put in a support ticket. Hopefully we're not the only ones with the same interests.
  5. For private use, sure. But for a publicly shared notebook this would be a nice feature to have.
  6. I managed to test this across the MAC & Windows platforms and a shared note that is imported into the desktop client still retains the geographical location. Is this a concern for you as it is for me? Remembering to turn on and off the location feature when creating notes is cumbersome. I propose a few tweaks: Ability to select multiple notes and strip the location completely. Currently the only way to do this is individually–which is tedious. Ability to hide the geographical location within public notes (currently shared & future notes). Think: a toggle within the application's preferences Sidebar: The map feature is useful for travelers, particularly when returning to a location.
  7. I tried and I now understand how it works. Thank you for the clarification!
  8. I just ran a quick test in both Safari and Chrome Incognito with a public note and it appears that Evernote stopped this practice. Correct me if I am wrong though.
  9. It just dawned on me that my notes may potentially reveal my geographic location/location history when we share them. In testing the public links, location isn't shown within the browser, but what if we were to "Save to Evernote"? Does anyone have knowledge on this?
  10. So, with the new update we are now able to customize our keyboard shortcuts which allows us to make the Evernote Web Clipper a little bit more intuitive to use. My question is what does the "selection mode" do? I've tried to experiment, but I don't notice anything.
  11. I disagree. I'm currently at 1,625 (and counting) notes and I have 2.2 Gb under the 'Application Support' directory. Then I have another 3.1 in the '/Library/Containers' directory. I'm on an SSD and this is not good news. I would love for Evernote to switch to a complete cloud based system–in regards to the desktop application–and have the option to save frequently used data onto the hard drive. The other option would be to build in a smart cache system wherein old data is wiped from the drive after a certain amount of time to make room for new data. In addition to that would be another option to create a static dedicated cache size. Note: Directory listings are on the OS X platform. Here is a link to a more indepth thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39791-evernote-database-size/
  12. We need a method on both Windows & Mac to bulk unshare. Mass selection doesn't yield the possibility. Only one by one.
  13. Thanks for the response and warm welcome. While I wasn't able to see the writing samples from your link, I believe it then becomes more of how well you tag and enter a descriptive text of your handwritten notes. This is what I figured. OCR with handwriting is cool nonetheless. I am a fan of Acrobat's OCR for creating PDF from print documents. Seems to work really well in my past experience. The Moleskine notebooks will still face the same problems, but again cool. I like to use Moleskine already so I will consider it on the next purchase. Cheers!
  14. Tried to do a quick search (Google & Forums) and had the question, "How does Evernote handle cursive handwriting?" I recently saw the new Moleskin Evernote(books) and am intrigued & interested in them. (Although I want Android support ASAP.) So... How does Evernote handle cursive handwriting?
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