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  1. Mine seems to log in but when I try to clip it just goes on infinitely. Chrome is up to date. and i just removed and re-installed web clipper.
  2. Yes, Evernote for Windows 8 seems to have a long way to go. It's the main reason I have to keep going back and forth between Windows 8 and Windows 7.
  3. Well, no Tools menu under Window 8 that I have found yet. There is a Settings menu, but no sign of the database path under that, either!
  4. I've just installed Windows 8 so I can dual-boot on my Windows 7 computer. Can I set the system up to share the database, no matter which OS I boot into? I can't find where to set the database location in Windows 8, and am wondering if this is safe. Should I use the Windows 7 database location or the Windows 8 database location, or am I just looking to lose all my EV data?
  5. Nah, just let somebody bang it out in a night and leave it as an undocumented feature for us cool kids!
  6. I'd love if EN would either hardwire an "Invisible" tag completely hiding any notes which were tagged with it, until the show/hide feature were turned off. Of course if I were really dreaming I might choose to add this feature to custom tags or indivitual notes, but I think hard-wiring it would be the easiest way. I'd definitely kickstart it with a few shekels if given the opportunity! How much could this cost to develop?
  7. I really love Outline View in Word, too, one of the few things that really keeps me attached to Word. I checked out the demo of the TuskTools Treeliner and it is NOT the same as Outline View in Word. It is more for organizing notes than for creating outlines within a note. Also, it appears to create a local copy of the EN database on a local PC and changes with TuskTools Treeliner must by synced with EN. I suppose this is integration with EN but doesn't feel like a 2012 tool, I would just wait, save my Word outlines into EN notes, and edit with Word as needed. Hate to dis TuskTools. It might be the answer for some people but not a solution to Word Outline View.
  8. I think the easiest solution would be to find some software which will scan multiple pages into a single document, it might even be possible given your current software if you can find the configuration. I believe there are also PDF editors which will let you combine multiple PDF documents into one. You might also want to try the online PDF merging tool from Neevia at http://convert.neevia.com/pdfmerge/ although it only appears to work with 5 documents at once. I routinely use their PDF compression tool, also free, which will compress documents up to 5 Mb in size. Pay options are available without these limits, also.
  9. It would really be an easy way to manage space without having to worry limits. It would be worth paying a little more, say $6/Gb instead of $5 for the flexibility.
  10. I like the idea of pre-purchasing space, and would really like to see "forever space" where you have the space allowence until you use it, like rollover minutes. The current plan seems to encourage people to do a massive upload just so they can use up their space before it expires.
  11. Wow, I don't think playing the "Oh, it's just a Microsoft problem" is going to fly on this one.
  12. Off-topic, but I like the way your formatted the document. It reminds me of Outline View in MS Word, which is very handy on occasion. If only there were a way to collapse a paragraph and the sub-topics and move it around easily...
  13. Wow! It finally finished and the resulting image is over 20 Mb! I find the best way is to just double-click the image to edit it locally using Paint.net
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