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  1. I use Notability aswell , them I take a screenshot and add it to EN folder. But I am also hoping for being able to handwrite while making a note.
  2. Hi! I just would like to draw ON my note, among the typed stuff and pictures. I understand I can make a new note with Penultimate and add it to the notebook, though. Thank you for your answer.
  3. Yes, I know them, but while I am typing on a new note on the Ipad, I cannot change colors or draw. Apps much more simple, as AudioNote, for examole, provide all this. I really miss it Tks
  4. Hello, I use Evernote for almost everything in my life. It really helps me. But, I have some little problems pehaps you could help me solve: I would like to be able to draw, handwrite, type in different colours on my Ipad, just like in any other note app. Not being able to draw is almost making me stop using EN for my classes. Because I record, type, but the teacher also draws sketches I need to copy. I still need paper and pencil because of this. It is also a bit annoying to type without seeing the cursor, because it goes to the beginning of the text when I use my Ipad in The horizontal position. Why the zoom doesn't work in The camera when we take pictures with Evernote? Makes no sense. I wish I could take pictures while recording. The alarm has little use as we can not mark all recurrents (every day, x days, every Mo Wed, Fri, x weeks, etc). It is far from being as useful as the rest of EN! Tks Ana Braga
  5. If I buy Penultimate will I be able to handwrite on my notes in EN? (Like in AudioNote, for example) Thanks, everyone.
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