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  1. I fixed that now. At first I didn't want to increase/decrease the font-size repeatedly by keeping the hotkey pressed. The version uploaded now work fine for me, I'm quite happy. I updated them a few minutes ago. Maybe try again? Download for Windows: http://bit.ly/evernote-font-keys I also added Ctrl + ] and Ctrl + [ as alternatives to increase/decrease font size. I further applied some fixes to the "keeping hotkey pressed" for repeated operation. It no longer fails by inputting a "." or "," (is still limited by the Evernote restriction of having to pull down the list). @GrumpyMonkey: I don't know, really. The docs state those keys should work for more than 1 year and there have been plenty of reports that they don't work. It took me literally only a few minutes to get it done (by hacking, using external tools; would have been faster with the proper Evernote source) ...
  2. I updated my post above with a version that toggles between your default Evernote font and "Courier New". Let me know if you'd like more functionality added to this small app. @Scott: I updated the source code. You should not use BlockInput with AHK basic. Try the executable or the new code now and let me know.
  3. I thought most people here would use the executable, which has no requirements, but having the ahk script allows you to change/add functionality or keys. I updated the ahk source code to avoid the usage of #If and be able to run it in AHK Basic. BlockInput is no longer used. I changed Ctrl + F12 now to toggle between your default font (the one you have set in Evernote > Tools > Options > Note) and "Courier New" -- I wrote many notes regarding programming and I want a quick way to switch between the default font and a fixed width font. Download (source code and EXE for Windows): http://bit.ly/evernote-font-keys
  4. I can't believe this has been ignored by the devs for so long. I took a few minutes and wrote an AutoHotKey script to allow this. The source code is below as well as the executable for Windows which you can just launch and then enjoy the hotkeys. Download (source code and EXE for Windows): http://bit.ly/evernote-font-keys Once launched, the executable will stay loaded in the icon tray. To change font size press Ctrl + Shift + > or Ctrl + Shift + < or alternatively Ctrl + ] or Ctrl + [. In addition, I coded Ctrl + F12 to toggle between your default Evernote font and "Courier New" -- useful if you need a fixed-width font quickly like I often do. You can also select a piece of text in Evernote and then press any of the above hotkeys to change the font size/face. If you find this small tool useful and would like other text features or Evernote functionality mapped onto keyboard shortcuts (e.g. different/configurable fonts, etc) then just drop me a line. Cheers. P.S. you'll see that the dropdown font size list is dropped quickly when you press the font size hotkey. This is because Evernote has a very weird implementation of the "Edit" windows control.In MS Word or any other editor I know, you can click inthe "font size" box, type the font size, e.g. "16" and then press Enter to change it. In Evernote, you can't. It reacts as soon as you type the first character, rather than waiting for you to press Enter (try typing "80" in the font size box, it will take only "8" and change it to 8pt). I'll try to hack the internals later using direct window messages to the control rather than sending keys.
  5. I've been testing this for the past week and I'm very disappointed with the style preservation, especially for article clipping and especially when clipping to the desktop client. It gets it wrong most of the time. Clipping to web is better but still worse than the Chrome web-clipper. Granted, I haven't tested the previous versions. Take this page for example (not a fancy page either): http://support.micro...spx?kbid=314060 Schreenshot comparison of the clipping from Chroms vs Firefox: http://bit.ly/KKxNsB Most of the pages I clip show quite different (read: ugly) compared with the original. Clipping to web is very slow compared to the desktop client so I'd very much like to use that but the result is mostly appalling ... Any intention to improve this? And why does the Chrome web-clipper have extra- and very useful features compared to the firefox clipper? The tag + notebook guessing in Chrome worked quite well for me. Why not have it in Firefox too?
  6. +1000 I can't believe ink notes are not available on Android. I was so looking forward to use that. What a dissapointment ...
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