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  1. This car-crash of an update really ruins what was a perfectly good app, in the name of "re-design". I think Evernote fundamentally misunderstood how most Penultimate users actually use the app, and what their unique selling point was. The drift-by-writing-speed for example was the single most important feature of Penultimate. How anyone could release an update without that is beyond my comprehension. Also, the old Penultimate actively encouraged having large notebooks with many pages of notes. Going from that straight to a system that can't handle very long notes with many pages because there is no page thumbnail overview really amounts to an insult to your most active users. As many people on this forum, on Twitter and in the App Store have said: the writing experience is now MORE cumbersome than it was before. What exactly did you try to achieve with this update, other than making it look "more iOS8" for the sake of it?
  2. Imagine my irritation: I actually DO subscribe to the Evernote premium service and have been very actively trying to get our whole university department to get an enterprise license. Everyone always asked about this awesome app that I used to take notes during seminars and meetings. With one swift update, Evernote has ruined one of my most important work tools. Thanks a lot, and thanks also for asking your customers what they actually wanted from an update... Oh wait...
  3. This is exactly my feeling, too. Penultimate 5 had its quirks, but it was great for writing with the "smart drift" feature really setting it apart from all the other note apps. Also, crucially, the touch responsiveness was very good, meaning that writing with my Maglus Stylus felt almost like using paper. This update breaks the most important aspect of the app, namely easy and responsive writing. There are tons of apps out there that work with the "Zoom box/autoscroll" but I got Penultimate specifically because I didn't want that. I think you (Evernote) fundamentally didn't understand what your customers actually wanted from the Penultimate app. Instead of making it more appealing, you've effectively ruined what was a perfectly good product.
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