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  1. I am just posting here to weigh in and say that this UI/UX change breaks the software for me. I didn't see a forum post (because I don't check here religiously -- I am too busy running my businesses for that). I think it is unfair to say that you cannot have a reminders feature without a top-note-view feature. That's laziness more than anything else. Maybe its more difficult to do it, but its certainly possible. EDIT: I should also say that I am a Premium user, as well...
  2. I had to stop working on this as other things consumed my time. You can pick it up if you like tianlye...not that you needed my permission in the first place
  3. So after making this post, I put together a prototype and have been using it myself for a few days, but I stopped working on it since I couldn't get enough interest. Sorry
  4. Owyn, The main difference that is listed is not in the layout/entry of information, but the workflow. Most people interviewed log their workouts after the fact (or during, while in the gym) and were strongly against requiring that they do work before their workout. Essentially, that makes an additional "planning" step that most people just don't perform. Mandating an extra step in the process will be a major barrier of entry for most people. Is this how you normally work? If so, then it is not mandating an extra step for you, and that would be valuable info. Thanks! Chris
  5. Owyn, Is that how you currently use Evernote to track your workouts? Do you track your workouts on Evernote at all, as of late? Just wondering to see what people's workflows are, as that description is very different from the ones we have experienced in interviews of Evernoters and non-Evernoters Thanks! Chris
  6. Hello all! I have been talking about this idea with a few people for several months now. Based on these conversations, I put together the first mockups of an Evernote app that is solely used for fitness logging. This would be similar to Evernote Food or Evernote Hello. You make entries in the app, and the app displays these entries really well for the purpose of fitness, but you can also search the notes the app creates in Evernote. The design of this app was created with the following mind: Users need to be able to enter workouts as they are completed Users need to be able to view and measure past performance It needs to be something people will actually use Attached to this post is a screenshot (or you can click here: http://i.imgur.com/9Bk4m.png) with the basic UI for the app we have been discussing. We plan on charging $4.99 for the app in the App Store and Android Market. The features and functions will obviously increase over time. There are two questions we have: Is this something that you would want/use? If not, why not? Is it missing some crucial part of your workflow? I look forward to hearing what all the Evernote fitness junkies have to say about this! Thanks!
  7. Hi Mark, Thanks for the tip. I never set application specific hotkeys outside of an application itself. This certainly opens up many possibilities for me, even outside of Evernote! For anyone else who is curious, I made my Copy Note Link hotkey activate with Command+Alt+C. Doesn't seem to cause a conflict. Brilliant! Thanks! Chris
  8. Is there any way that I can assign a hotkey to Copy Note Link? I make tons of Note Links to sync up Things with Evernote. A hotkey would really help me. Is this possible? Thanks! Chris
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