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  1. Intriguing. I often need a problem to learn a new skill and I think you have just pointed me to a tool that I should learn. Thank you
  2. I often have slow internet connection and clipping multiple webpages can be painfully slow. I often have to wait 3 minutes for the clipping and syncing to complete per link using simplified. This is especially distracting when I am doing research and am collection lots of information. A few minute task turns into an hour. I would like to see a bulk loading option where I could clip and paste the URLs to a list that could be executed later or better offline. I would than check a log to see if everything completed successfully. In not offline, I could run the script at night and have everything loaded by morning. Better than cliping and pasting each URLs would be an option on the program (clip, screenshot, simplify, etc) to say "Bulk list" to be executed later or offline.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I will try your suggestion.
  4. I want to replace the traditional file cabinet you leave all the important files behind for your heirs when you die and store them in Evernotes. Including copy of will, POA, Living Will, stocks, bonds, life insurance, titles, etc. My concern is organization. Anyone have a template? Second is access. My wife is not technically adept and I am not sure she can understand Evernotes. Maybe a shared folder with the kids who have more technical ability? To EV: I am willing to pay a fee (annual / one time) to have someone help my heirs get to my EV information using say a series of personal question and PWs that I would provide to them. Thought and advice.
  5. Yep hundreds of folders that replicated my physical file cabinet and folders before I discovered tags
  6. I started out life making folders for everything in my life like my physical file cabinet and folders. I would like to go to a tag system but have too much time invested in folders. I would like a a program that would take the folder names for each note and add the folder name as a tag to each note in that notebook and than delete all the notebooks so I had a pure tag system. I think if I had a program do that heavy lifting, I could make the break.
  7. I have one external at work and one at home and Ghost to each each week ... I can recover from anything in an hour ... I am in the process of retiring and will be travelling all the time and toting around multiple external drives just won't work anymore. I have moved all the apps to the cloud and want the backup to be there too ... I want to be physical device independent such that I can grab any machine in the house and do my work ... sort of like email ... I can go to the library or cafe if needed to do my email, taxes, banking, finances, email, bill paying, etc. ... note, the thread started with me wanting to rid myself of paper by getting all of it in EN ... I do not want to keep the originals since the defeats the purpose of going paperless.and I really do not want to have multiple backups in case EN dies ...
  8. =========== -I right click and select "Save attachments" (I save it to an empty folder) -Once I see those pdf's in the empty folder I select them all,right click and choose "combine supported files in Acrobat" -You will then be taken to a dialog box where you can shuffle them in the order that you want them combined. ======= Do you need acrobat to do that? When I store the pdfs to an empty folder and select the pdfs and right click there is no combine menu selection in windows. When I select multiple pdfs in EN there is a "merge" option ??
  9. Here is my logic ... I have a HDD on my computer with a failure rate of X, a similar HDD is in my external enclosure with a a similar failure rate ... the cloud folks also use a similar hard drive with the same failure rate ... so all my HDDs are probably similar to all theirs HDDs... you gain availability by being redundant on two HDDs or two cloud services ... there is nothing special about the physical HDD in your computer or enclosure ... they are the same failure prone mechanical devices used on the cloud ... my point is having all these contingency plans - my HDD, ghost to an external, copy to a cloud is wearing me out ... it is almost as bad as keeping up with the paper I worked so hard to digitize. So, don't fear the cloud ... just be redundant.
  10. I think I figured it out ... In Windows if I right click on the middle screen and export, I get the html ... If I right click on the right screen I can save as a PDF ... I have not interest in keeping anything on my computer and backing it up anymore... I am hoping to move to only being cloud based so I never have to worry about backups, etc. and can move from computer to computer , home, office, cafe in the future. Multiple HDDs, external HDDs, network HDDs, tape, thumb drives, etc. are a pain ... My only concern is if EN closes up shop how do I migrate my files to the next cloud provider.
  11. So, after scanning all my receipts in I wanted to test recovery and tranportability ... so I clicked on export and the formats offered are ENEX, html, mht. I was thinking the export would be PDF?? I scanned in the receipts into EN and deleted the PDF thinking EN stored the PDFs in the cloud? I don't have to keep the PDFs do I?? The more things to keep up with the more complicated it gets.
  12. A comment ... I thought I would let EN OCR it but they don't seem to be timely and there is no feedback when it is done and there are rule on when they won't do it ... so, it appears everyone has suggested ORCing the files yourself if you want to make sure they are done.
  13. I love EN for my personal life and as the president of my HOA I would like to bring the benefits to my community. We have an attic of documents that I would like to get into EN and was looking for a company who I could ship boxes of documents too who would scan, OCR and put them into our EN account. Does such a company exist? Side note ... has anyone ever done this for their HOA or business? Any advice or suggestions? I am hoping the OCR will help make all the paper a little more useful.
  14. hmm ... I am wondering if I should revert back to OCRing my docments in ScanSnap just in case EN does not get around to it or the docs fail some criteria ... do you get better results by double OCRing (ScanSnap + EN)?? On the spouse ... well ... if I die, my wife needs to know where the insurance papers are, the online PW and Pins, the copy of the will, all the account info which use to be in the physical file cabinet. It would be sad to stick your wife and kids with even more pain because they can not access the accounts to pay for groceries and the mortgage.
  15. Also, suggestions welcome on next step ... unimportant stuff scanned great into EN ... now the important stuff like financials ... So, I want to replace my physical file cabinet with a virtual one on EN ... but I want to make sure my wife can access it ... so I am assuming I can either give here my ID and PW or share my folders with her ... has anyone done this - replacing a physical file cabinet with a virtual one and shared it with a spouse or partner so everyone knows where the important documents are kept?
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