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  1. Hi Davex we got exactly the same problem. I have the same phone and i have Evernote in french. Are you with Public mobile?
  2. No answer from Evernote. Really thninking about getting an Iphone. What's the status on your ticket?
  3. Did all that, erased the thing from my phone, re-downloaded the app, re-installed it. No success. Support ticket it is. Thanks
  4. Hi, my Evernote is in french so i will have to translate since i do not know what would be the exact words in english but yes i get the following error message: Impossible to contact server. Try again (there is a "button" that offers to "try again" but it does the same each time for weeks now, it searches but give me the same error message. That is weird because i do not have any problems connecting to any server with any other application and Evernote used to work just fine. I changed the phone and got the exact same model so i can't see why it would stop working with the new phone... And and i should say that i just can't open the Evernote application so i can't change anything inside the app. I get the error message before Evernote opens.
  5. Hi Evernote can't connect to server on my Android smartphone. Tried reinstalling it, doesn't help. Tried on 3G and wifi (doesn't matter i guess but tried both) Got no problem connecting to server on my mac or on Windows so it's not a password or username issue. Didn't find anything on google or on this forum. Not sure what to try here, any advice?
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