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  1. One might well give some thanks to the Evernote team for apparently reading and acting upon the hundreds of comments in this forum, bearing in mind that statstically speaking, for every one (1) person who posts a comment there are approximately nine (9) others who don't bother to post, but have the same complaint. Now, addressing the update. Close, like in horseshoes, but no cigar. I have to question the competency of the developers. Are they actual software engineers, or skilled programmers, or simply hackers sitting around at night, high on Jolt cola, writing undocumented code in their pajamas? If the answer is the latter, then Evernote needs to refund each and every dollar they've collected from the Premium users, because we expected a professionally developed application. If the Evernote developers do consider themselves to be one of the former, then as a fellow software engineer, here's some assistance: Sensation and Perception, Aug 19, 2003, by Stanley Coren and Lawrence M. Ward Sensation and Perception, Jan 26, 2006, by E. Bruce Goldstein Sensation & Perception, Oct 21, 2011, by Jeremy M. Wolfe and Keith R. Kluender Sensation and Perception, Apr 1, 2013, by Steven YantisGoto Amazon.com, buy'em, read'em. Then back to us with an update that follows the rules and works for everyone. (Should be easy to remember the titles; they're all the same.) But please don't announce these half-assed fixes with great fanfare as if they're the second coming...especially when they fail to deliver.
  2. Obviously none of your Evernote developers know anything about sensation and perception psychology; i.e., how the mind—including the retina and optic nerves—acquire and perceive colors. The new version lacks sufficient contrast and color necessary to trigger a response in the occipital cortex. That's why so many are complaining that they can't see or stand to look at the interface for very long. Then we have the issue that 48% or more of the male population suffers from one form of color deficiency—color blindness. (And before some smartass jumps in with "Well, that's why the gray-on-gray should work for everybody...", be advised that a color deficiency rarely results in a complete inability to see color; it usually just makes it difficult for someone to differentiate between colors without additional contrast. The percentage of those with a total inability to see color is less than 1% of those so afflicted.) These folks need the contrast and color tones that the UI no longer has. And finally there's the population over 50 with simply older eyes. They need more contrast, regardless of the presence of any color deficiency. This version takes that away. Oh, and did the developers consult with legal? More than one software vendor has been successfully sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for not providing user interfaces that take care to consider those with color and perception disabilities. I dropped Evernote for Windows (and Windows entirely) when version 5.0 came out on that platform with a UI that followed Microsofts crappy, low contrast, gray-on-gray scheme. Fortunately I found that Evernote on the Mac suffered from no such design error, and it was useable. Today I discovered that I have been screwed once more by idiots who program but know nothing about user interfaces and how they are perceived by the mind. I've been a premium user for three years, but I am not going to go backwards to an earlier version. I'm going to drop Evernote like a hot, rotten, potato unless and until this POS you call an improvement is replaced by something we can actually see and use.
  3. Cannot customize the Toolbar on Evernote %+ on the Mac? What an incredibly stupid idea! (What must be even more stupid is that I'm paying premium fees for this!)
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