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  1. To clarify: My test notes are not shared, and are in an un-shared notebook, plus: edited on a single device (Web). So we're left with "confused by a web browser connection". As I stated already, I do not consider it a valid cause. Especially that Evernote Web relies on a mindfield-like mechanism of instantaneous syncing, exposing to all possible risks without taking advantage of the single existing advantage of the mechanism. I do use an external editor now and I highly recommend the multitab, autosaving Notepad++ (unformatted text only) but it's a freaking patchwork as far as the whole situation goes. BTW, I've been using Evernote Web since inception for a year or so and I don't recall such problems in its infancy.
  2. I keep getting duplicate of notes that are not shared, in an un-shared notebook. First Evernote wanted us to ignore that on its way to "providing great formatting features" it doesn't handle unformatted text properly and now this.. I've been using software that "saves something to the internet and back" since late 90's and I don't recall a similar behavior of an app effectively jeopardizing content "due to <excuse>". Recently I've wasted possibly hours on loading duplicates into a text comparator (Notepad++) to avoid messing up really important information by continuing with edits in the wrong note. Because the "duplicates" are not really duplicates! They are notes differing with the last edit or few edits!
  3. I, on the other hand, like the new bold headers. It's a great way to differentiate between the header and the contents when the contents are visible. In most other applications I de-clutter general views as much as possible. For example, in outlook.com and fastmail.com I have message contents hidden in the general (list) view.
  4. In my case right after #4 the carret (cursor?) jumps to the top of the note. Should we consider it the same bug?
  5. So all good with my installation, I guess. Thanks, guys!
  6. This is infuriating! Glad to see the team working on it. Upvoting of course.
  7. There are 6 Evernote background processes running on my machine when Evernote is open. Is it necessary? What do they do? The total memory utilization is circa 200 MB. The last bit is for information. This is not my main concern. I'm curious whether Evernote operates on my system correctly.
  8. One more thing to be added to my post above. The issue with the note editing section losing focus the first time the cursor is placed inside is still present. This time I do not remember with which release the issue was introduced.
  9. Drag&drop of attachments into a note body is still broken! It's been introduced with the 6.8 update if I recall. It makes the note text become randomly mixed with the attached images! In the example below the PDF has been dropped precisely below the "Adobe Reader fuckup!" Reference to the previous mention https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110626-evernote-for-windows-68-ga/?do=findComment&comment=489788
  10. You're lucky you're using the Android app. On desktop an image may become pasted *anywhere* in the note. Literally. Even splitting a webpage address in half.
  11. "Many sans serif typefaces don’t differentiate between the uppercase “I” and the lowercase “l” very well. (...) This a legibility problem."* https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/39543/is-there-a-sans-serif-font-that-appears-different-for-i-capital-i-and-l-small Especially when working with foreign and technical texts. Add Evernote's constant problems with formatting and there you have it. A mess. I'd opt for a mono font if I could. *And a backward embarrassment, I might add! Clearly the font selection nowadays usually caters to looks and cruft lovers.
  12. I've just confirmed that I'd like to install the update and Evernote removed itself!
  13. This is the worst update I've had since several months ago! Then Evernote introduced some changes that make non-formatted text appear in different font sizes within a single note (still not fixed!). Now it's even worse! The cursor goes haywire and I've already lost some data because of it! Attaching photos is broken too. Drag&dropping or using the 'Attach' button makes the note text become randomly mixed with the attached images! Do you even realize you fail to implement a freaking input field?! Dig around on github. There are probably free code snippets you could use instead of your current sorry implementation.
  14. One-by-one is obviously not a solution, nor even a reasonable workaround. The in-app zooming only zooms text. The 'Windows-side' theory is not feasible. It's applications that should handle global system variables, not the other way around. Besides, the 'Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display' is the only place I know of in Windows 7 that carries applicable parameters.
  15. I'm using 125% scaling in Windows. XP style enabled or not, it causes Evernote to display images at 125% scaling. Is there a way around it? Ctrl+scrollwheel only scales the text.
  16. I see nothing in your post. BTW, the small text is all over my notes now, edited since the big update. Apparently Evernote either renders all unformatted text created post-update differently, no matter the device OR formatting removal is broken since the update.
  17. Hello! Since the recent revamp of the built-in note editor I have several new issues. One of which is this: pasted text appears smaller. See the attached screenshot. Both text are of 9 points. I even did the copy-paste from the upper line to the lower line within the note. Removing of formatting has no effect. the latest version of Evernote I'm on Windows 7 with 125% scaling.
  18. +1 The shortcuts for web app should be documented properly.
  19. So, has listview been removed from both desktop and the web apps?
  20. The problem is Evernote always pastes as PNG. Even if you right-click and copy a jpeg web image.
  21. Screenshots can only be inserted into a new fresh note. I'm forced to use IrfanView to capture screenshots and I attach the files afterwards. Which effectively means I don't use the clipper at all.
  22. The note has been created using the Web Clipper for Firefox. It has a pink caption because I saved the image from the note, modified it by adding the caption and replacing the original image with the modified one. I double checked though that this does not affect my report in any signifficant manner.
  23. No, Evernote shows image sizes (in KB) precisely. I have visited the thread again because I've just noticed the screenshot capture feature (Clipper) also uses PNG.
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