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  1. This is all grand but what e-mail address should I use? The option to submit a ticket is not available in 8.9 either.
  2. There's no such information on the website. Nor in the app. That's a poor design if you ask me. Related:
  3. It used to be that generating a log in-app somehow initiated a support ticket submission process. Now I only get an option to. Related:
  4. On an odd note, this problem does not occur on another phone of mine, namely Huawei P10 lite Brand: HUAWEI Model: WAS-LX1 Product: WAS-LX1 Display: WAS-LX1 Display Width: 1080 Display Height: 1794 Display Density: 3.0 Android version: 8.0.0 Preloaded: false IsTablet: false Evernote version: 8.10(1082973) Evernote revision: 8.10_2482
  5. Please take a look at Fastmail and Todoist blogs for some inspiration
  6. I think the first Q&A guy who starts next Monday is going to do it EDIT: I don't think I can anymore. Neither the Support website nor the Android app offer a "Submit ticket" option or anything similar.
  7. Same here. 8.10 non beta, android 7.2, Moto X Play XT 1562 The app starts more or less as usual but every single note takes 15-20 seconds to show up! For me it started not earlier than YESTERDAY. Right after the search hiatus. Simply astonishing! I'll tell you what. You're going straight the Windows Phone route. I'd let your employers sit on a new release for a month, and then the CEO for a week before even thinking about pushing a new release to the store. Edit: Going back as little as to 8.9.1 seems to be doing the trick. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-co
  8. OneNote for mobile devices has less features than contemporary SMS apps! On Evernote search - it's working for me now, 8.9.1, may update.
  9. Release Notes for Version 6.18 ... Fixed: ... - Files you drag into Evernote will now stay where you put them. Seems obvious, right? We thought so too.
  10. Yes. Everyone Here's a dirty workaround and your only option: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119365-search-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=536738Don't waste your time with "proper troubleshooting". Re-installing the app from Play Store, clearing cache and what not - it simply won't work.
  11. Someone is trying hard to be the next big "£+ck core fe atures" fireball after Windows Phone.

  12. It's not about blocking per se. Evernote Web is not intended for mobile web browsers.
  13. It didn't work at all in my case. You can find all the details in the topic I started https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119564-search-doesnt-work/
  14. Because someone is trying hard to be the next big "£+ck core features" fireball after Windows Phone
  15. I've noticed that another build of 8.9 has been released. Dated April 15th. Could anyone confirm whether this issue is still present?
  16. The problem with the search has nothing to do with any other platform. It's Android specific. So you may stop "cross-checking" it elsewhere. If Evernote support insists on you doing it anyway they are wasting your time.
  17. We shall see. The past year was a freaking Windows Phone dejavu with constant problems with core features. I'll believe it when I see at least a glimpse of the promises materializing. Especially that the search hiatus might have been adressed by what is almost a "do nothing", i.e. by rolling back or not rolling out 8.9 for some users for whatever reason. I've just downgraded to 8.8 from my girlfriend's phone and the search works fine.
  18. Enough of this *****. I'm downgrading. Does anyone know of a download link for the 8.8.x APK within official Evernote domains? At the same time I'm going to try exporting an APK from my girlfriend's phone using [Apk Extractor from F-Droid. No ads, no tracking.] https://f-droid.org/en/packages/axp.tool.apkextractor/ A lesson for the future. Demand that the developeres post actual change logs. Developers - post change logs, do your #$^@! job!
  19. Have you reviewed Evernote on the Play Store yet. I think it's high time...
  20. I've just received yet another update. No fix. Evernote version: 8.9(1082853) Evernote revision: 8.9_2470 Evernote type: public WebView version: 73.0.3683.90 Editor version Uno: 62.4.7951
  21. @gazumped That's how it manifests, yes. Let's hope for a quick fix. At the sime time, I don't hold my breath. Some people called the bug "recent". It's barely recent on my install at least. Months rather than weeks. I got used to Evernote's nonchalant apporach to CORE features misbehaving but the priority of this one multiplied by how long it's being allowed to dangle makes me think this is a new record.
  22. I have this problem as well and I've never participated in the beta program. Evernote forcing a beta or a quasi-beta versions on users in the Play store shouldn't count as a beta participation.
  23. In my case they don't work either. Interestingly typing and not pressing ENTER clearly returns note title matches just fine.
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