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  1. I'm another premium user who is looking hard elsewhere. In my case, the deal-breaking issue is the lack of within-note Find on the Android platform. It's been requested by lots of users for years - and in one version of Android there was an OS-provided workaround, but that disappeared with Android 4.3. That, and the fact that EN themselves have done nothing about it themselves, has driven me away. So what I'm seeking is: * note encryption * within-note find * large notes * works (including search) with no internet connection * syncing to and from a Windows and/or browser equivalent It's rather dismaying to see EN scrëwing the pooch soooo badly with their recent builds and (lack of) support.
  2. Forget it guys, Evernote support have been ignoring this thread (and others on the same topic) for FOUR. YEARS. NOW. Even when you engage with them directly, as I did, they just say "oh, yeah, it needs that, it should happen". Then nothing. For years. After three years of using the product, including premium, I'm utterly gobsmacked that they still imagine it is a useful Android app without this feature. I kept expecting it to arrive in the next update to make things work properly, but no. Apparently, there aren't enough Android users out there for them to provide the same functionality which it has had on Windows and i* platforms since day one. Disappointed doesn't even come close to describing how I feel about this issue.
  3. I first started asking for this feature over two years ago. I was reasonably happy using a workaround which ANDROID was providing in that, if I selected a word, I could then use Android's edit menu to Find that word (which also had an edit box allowing me to change the find target. All good). However, that functionality disappeared when my phone upgraded its Android version last week. Evernote can no longer rely on Android to cover its deficiency. Without a within-note find, Evernote has now become utterly useless to me - I need to do the "Select all, copy, paste to a real product, Find" approach which others have mentioned. PLEASE ADD THIS LONG-REQUESTED AND ESSENTIAL FEATURE BEFORE YOU LOSE ANY USER WITH MORE THAN A FEW LINES IN THEIR NOTES!!
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