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  1. DEVONthink supports this functionality, so I’ve moved on.
  2. When clipping an email out of Outlook that has attachments, it would be preferable if the attachments were inserted at the beginning of the note. I'm normally clipping an email specifically for the attachments, so it's frustrating if there is a long email trail attached to it and I have to scroll to the bottom to find them.
  3. All of the +1s, please be sure to vote up this idea using the buttons at the top of the page.
  4. +1 I have gotten to where I love the presentation mode now that I can edit the layout on Windows. All my internal presentations that don't need to have company branding on them are now done using Evernote, but I'd love to use my iPad or iPhone instead.
  5. The webpage describing this function (https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/38825186) talks about being able to edit the presentation layout, but that apparently isn't in the Windows version. First, it would be good if your information on the website clearly explained what features are limited to a specific platform. Second, we really need this on Windows to try and clean things up! Images that are on the same line in a note get shown on their own lines in presentation mode, it would be good to retain that arrangement and formatting when in presentation mode. It's useful sometimes to see things side-by-side as opposed to scrolling up and down.
  6. I think you missed the point entirely, version 13 is the official, released version of Firefox. It is available as beta/nightly build for an extended period of time before being released so that people can ensure their software works with it prior to release. I don't use beta versions of anything because I want my stuff to work. Again, every other add-on I have installed checks out ok, only Evernote was flagged as not compatible with the new version.
  7. Done, but was that really necessary? It shouldn't be a surprise that Mozilla was releasing a new version, this is the only add-on I use that is incompatible.
  8. Second that, I'm having to hold off on the next FF update until this is resolved.
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