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  1. The Evernote clipping icon disappeared from my Firefox browser two updates ago. I just tried uninstalling the add-on, reinstalling it, and restarting Firefox, but still no clipping icon. I just haven't been using it for months, or else if I really want to use Web Clipper, I open up Chrome and use that version -- but it kind of defeats the purpose of Web Clipper, which is convenience. Can anyone help? FF Mac 16.0.2 Evernote Web Clipper 5.4 Mac 10.6.8
  2. I get why you'd remove the icon from the default set, but why remove it from the Customize Toolbar options? (I don't quite get the reasoning by not keeping the icon as a Custom option -- seems you'd want to let people set it up the way they like best.) Also wondering why there never was a toolbar icon for creating a new notebook, and would like to see one added for a new audio note. (My understanding is that these options aren't in the Premium version either -- is that the case?)
  3. [Mod: Post was split from original topic in the Windows forum (http://discussion.ev...ok-in-new-note/), and moved here] I have the same question for the Mac. I don't have anywhere near 250 folders, but I still do find it onerous that I can't immediately save a new clipping to a new notebook. It seems pretty basic, and I'm really surprised that Evernote doesn't allow have that function even though it's been around a while now. I don't think suggesting that we're using the product wrong is really a good answer. Does no make me want to upgrade to Premium. I thought maybe I'd get some better basic functionality with Premium, but apparently mostly what you get is space and some search tools, unless you're using it to work with other people.
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