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  1. I have this problem in the Evernote app on Mac. When I select text and press Command-K, I can add a hyperlink. However, if/when I try to edit that same hyperlink, it just puts the hyperlink into the text of the note. It's a bit of a mess. I find I just have to retype any links I've created if I chose to edit them. Sad part - I have a daily task list note (which I duplicate each morning) into which I often modify links from the previous day... Now - a very cumbersome proposition.
  2. Absolutely agree. I even submitted feedback direct to Evernote. Their reply... note your impressions on the forum, since that's more effective. WHAT? Anyhow, yes - the web interface is crazy horrible and confusing and slows down productivity (or stops it all together). I specific questions about how to do very rudimentary things... This should not be. For a while, I was pleased to simply reject the offer to use the "new improved" web client, but not that option has been removed. I may just start bringing my laptop to work again - since I can't install the desktop client on my work computer and the web client is sooooooooo frustrating. And taken to an extreme... when my old laptop dies, I'll spend nearly $1,000 rather than use the web client. Seriously - it's THAT bad.
  3. I beg to differ. Under normal circumstances - sure, by all means, go digging through the forum for a solution to an individual situation/use case... But when the problem completely destroys the core functionality of a product... I think the exact opposite should happen. The entire forum should be flooded/inundated with identical, repeating, commentary. Let there be no doubt how absurd this situation is and how horrendous and far reaching its effects are.
  4. Maybe, just maybe (okay, I know - this isn't even a maybe and it's just a pipe dream at best) Evernote could release version 7A ("A" as in "alternative to the new version") or version 7B ("B" as in "before we screwed it up"). 'cuz, really - then I could again easily, quickly, and effectively use Evernote on my iOS device (iPhone 4S). As it is, I cringe every time I think about launching the App. I know I "have" to use it, 'cuz I have no alternative, but it is such a road block to productivity that I find I do whatever I can to avoid involving it in the process. This, of course, just diminishes the value of Evernote overall... or forces me to take my Laptop places I otherwise would have enjoyed the flexibility of the mobile App.
  5. I too was looking for the best way to integrate GTD and EN. Right now - this is where I'm at: http://www.thesecretweapon.org I'm still looking for Apps that can do it well and automate aspects, but it's a good starting point. For that matter, I'm still trying to wrap my head around GTD as I had a different, but powerful, system I've been using for years. I think somehow merging the two is working for me and The Secret Weapon offers the flexibility of control I needed - along with strong GTD functionality.
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