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  1. I have this problem in the Evernote app on Mac. When I select text and press Command-K, I can add a hyperlink. However, if/when I try to edit that same hyperlink, it just puts the hyperlink into the text of the note. It's a bit of a mess. I find I just have to retype any links I've created if I chose to edit them. Sad part - I have a daily task list note (which I duplicate each morning) into which I often modify links from the previous day... Now - a very cumbersome proposition.
  2. Absolutely agree. I even submitted feedback direct to Evernote. Their reply... note your impressions on the forum, since that's more effective. WHAT? Anyhow, yes - the web interface is crazy horrible and confusing and slows down productivity (or stops it all together). I specific questions about how to do very rudimentary things... This should not be. For a while, I was pleased to simply reject the offer to use the "new improved" web client, but not that option has been removed. I may just start bringing my laptop to work again - since I can't install the desktop client on my work computer and the web client is sooooooooo frustrating. And taken to an extreme... when my old laptop dies, I'll spend nearly $1,000 rather than use the web client. Seriously - it's THAT bad.
  3. Evernote recently sent me an email inviting me to upgrade from 5.7.2 (which I recently installed manually to overcome the version 6 debacle. I have little inclination to accept their advise to upgrade. 5.7.2 works. And the forums are filled with continued issues related to 6.0.2 and 6.0.3. Why the push to have me upgrade???? Why the email? Why the messed up release? Why the limited commentary from Evernote management addressing openly how HORRENDOUS this whole thing was? Instead of a brief, superficial email inviting me to upgrade to a version I don't trust... I really would have preferred a lengthy email from Phil himself addressing how horrible this has been and why I should trust Evernote into the future as they have proven so easily prove to corporate mishaps that could cost me my data (or at least hours or days of time to reconstruct it - even from XML exported backups). This was no small moment for Evernote. The opportunity to jump out front of the PR situation and guide the users through the experience presented itself and Evernote fell flat on its face. I'm content with 5.7.2 for now and I'll wait a few more months to see what future versions solve.
  4. Another thread (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78669-603-slow-editing-type-cutcopy-all-editing-on-yosemite/?p=332279) leads me to believe that even 6.0.3 isn't ready for general use. I lost enough time upgrading and downgrading that I'm not interested in broaching that effort again until I can trust it. And right now, I don't trust Evernote.
  5. After the debacle a couple weeks ago with the release of version 6, I uninstalled the AppStore updated version I had and reverted to 5.7.2. Things are working and I'm happy with Evernote. And yet, Evernote recently sent me an email inviting/encouraging me to upgrade to the newest of version 6 (which they claimed had fixed the initial Mavericks related issues). I'm pleased to view this thread before falling for that. With 12,000 notes and about 25 GB of information - downgrading was time consuming enough that I care not to upgrade and re-downgrade if/when these problems persist. I will wait for 6.0.4... or maybe 6.1 or maybe 7.0.
  6. I have uninstalled and reinstalled from the web download (replacing the App store version). It works, but as I now troubleshoot this issue for all the people I've converted to Evernote, I'm a bit frustrated that Evernote hasn't issued: 1) an App store update 2) a general email to users giving authoritative instructions on a work around (admitting that work arounds are not fixes) 3) general plans to avoid this in the future
  7. Same, and notes also rename to "untitled" if ever accessed.
  8. Oh the irony - that all the complaints here are about contrast and color. How about - invisible notes, renaming notes, and other completely ruinous results in functionality with the new release. It's a completely dead application how. I haven't uninstalled it, but I've removed it from my dock to keep me from accidentally launching it. The app is so buggy it's unusable and as such, if anyone tries to join the Mac Evernote community right now - they're wonder if/why/how it's possible that anyone actually uses this program to do anything. I've submitted support tickets, with no reply. And I've tried to sugar coat the situation to my sister who is using Evernote for the first time this week (talk about bad timing) after months of me suggesting she give it a go. I hope the only thing holding up a fix is the Apple approval process. 'cuz if you all haven't actually figured out a fix yet, we've got some serious problems (more serious than one back version - serious, like, Evernote as a company is not up to the task of ensuring data integrity and application functionality to the 10 year mark, let alone 100).
  9. Agreed on all fronts. This is a horrendous experience and it's somehow not surprising as I've watched Evernote (the company) get increasingly distracted from their core product. This is a blunder of monumental/epic proportions.
  10. I beg to differ. Under normal circumstances - sure, by all means, go digging through the forum for a solution to an individual situation/use case... But when the problem completely destroys the core functionality of a product... I think the exact opposite should happen. The entire forum should be flooded/inundated with identical, repeating, commentary. Let there be no doubt how absurd this situation is and how horrendous and far reaching its effects are.
  11. The new version is much slower and less responsive. That's what I hate most (thanks to a patch overnight that seems to have fixed several MAJOR bugs).
  12. Also - it seems to be retitling my notes "untitled" as I click on them (digging through my recent notes hoping to have one show up with content)... I just quit the app and fixed the note names in the web client.
  13. Not a fan. Granted, that's only party because I find the new "clean" design less functional (Evernote seems overly and unhealthily obsessed with form over function - they really want their products to "look" cool). And yet, the new look with its practically invisible (not a good thing) frame windows and settings icons is only a small part of my issue with the update. My main issue is that it just won't show me any of my content. Luckily, I can still access it through the web client (which I updated, and then almost immediately downgraded because the new beta web client is horrible). So, for now - I'll continue on in the web client but I'm really starting to worry about Evernote. I've been a premium user for 21/2+ years and I have 13,000 notes... but I drank the Kool-Aid about customer loyalty, 100 year company and all that jazz... and I'm realizing with the passage of time that Evernote is starting to suffer the pains of any large company (distraction from core values/product and distance from consumer). I want a highly functional easy to use program. Right now I have a pretty program that does nothing.
  14. Not sure if you'll see this - months later - but here's an article about doing just what you're describing. Super handy feature of Evernote: the OCR of all photos. http://www.jamierubin.net/2013/04/17/going-paperless-my-virtual-bookcases-in-evernote/
  15. Maybe, just maybe (okay, I know - this isn't even a maybe and it's just a pipe dream at best) Evernote could release version 7A ("A" as in "alternative to the new version") or version 7B ("B" as in "before we screwed it up"). 'cuz, really - then I could again easily, quickly, and effectively use Evernote on my iOS device (iPhone 4S). As it is, I cringe every time I think about launching the App. I know I "have" to use it, 'cuz I have no alternative, but it is such a road block to productivity that I find I do whatever I can to avoid involving it in the process. This, of course, just diminishes the value of Evernote overall... or forces me to take my Laptop places I otherwise would have enjoyed the flexibility of the mobile App.
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