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  1. It appears the issue I had with Evernote syncing in Outlook 2016 (Windows 10) and Outlook for iOS has been resolved! Never received a response from Evernote support so I am assuming it was a larger system issue.
  2. @Apixel1234 I had the same issue with the iTunes password prompt on my iPad. Contacted Apple and they had me do the following 1. Sign out of iCloud and iTunes & App store. 2. Power off 3. Restart your iPad and sign back into iCloud and iTunes. It resolved the issue. Please note: It is not an Evernote issue. Also, for a problem like this you can contact Apple even if you aren't a subscriber to AppleCare
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I am a Plus member so I had to submit a ticket and will have to wait for supports response. I am getting the same error in the iOS and Windows 10 environment.
  4. Today I have been problems using the new Evernote add-on and followed up for Microsoft support. They said to contact Evernote, Error message Internal error. Please, try again and contact the Evernote Support. Evernote for Outlook is also not working within Outlook 2016 and won't sync emails to Evernote.
  5. Great idea and Evernote for Outlook 2016 and within Outlook for iOS was working well until today! Both of them are not working and I have been receiving the following error message 'Internal error. Please, try again and contact the Evernote Support.' Please advise Rob
  6. FYI - My subscription just expired and I was debating whether to renew. I decided to subscribe to Evernote Plus and give it one more try.
  7. I agree that the mindset of developers is 'mobile first'. That is a huge mistake given most people work with laptops, desktops and large monitors.better performance Evernote has developed better apps in the OS X and iOS area with the result being better performance and superior functionality.
  8. Panzerbjorn Thank you for your comments. I have been looking at alternatives for a while now too! ...would like to stay with Evernote. Hopefully, the company will respond to what users need, R
  9. There is a lot of press in recent months focusing on Evernote's demise. I am sure some of it is speculation and based on limited financial reporting. Evernote's has lost its leadership as the 'Remember Everything' best in class' digital company. Paid subscribers are your revenue stream, and I can say for several years the new releases of products and enhancements to existing ones is why I renewed my subscription. What changed was the constant technical issues that arose in the core products (e.g., Evernote for Windows, iOS). I am an optimist and believe that you can regain what you
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