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  1. Appreciate all the feedback. I use *reminders* on the iOS, which is my to-do of choice. However, the problem that I would like Evernote to address, as mentioned above, it to wade through the clutter of notes and find the appropriate to-dos
  2. I am a heavy user of Evernote, maybe not in terms of the # of notebooks/notes, but in the level of support and value addition it provides. Problem 1 - Even though there is a feature of searching all/true/false todo's - it just displays all the notes which have todos in them making it difficult to read through all the todos on one screen or see it collectively or copy/past it, share, send it collectively Problem 2 - Most of my notes are MOMs, in which a few points are todos. Formatting them in the current option provided, does not appeal to the eye, as in the middle of a cleanly document MOM, there appears some bullet points, with large check-boxes Solution - Step-by Step: 1. User has the option of highlighting any sentence, picture, video etc as a to-do, be selecting the text/pic/video and then hitting a to-do button 2. Once the button is hit, the text could either be highlighted by a light background, or maybe a small check-box, something more appealing than the current manner 3. A note should exist by default in the default notebook, which shows all such to-do's created across multiple documents in one screen for easy review/action/sharing 4. The to-do's in this note should of-course be in sync with the original to-do's in various notebooks 5. To-do's in the auto note can only be edited/deleted/checked for completion. There should be no option of creating to-do's here or this option could be considered as well I recently got back from a week-long business trip and had several MOMs and some of the points, within each were todos. I had to use the todo search feature and click on each note individually and copy and paste it onto a word document. I am sure building this feature will add tremendous value to all Evernote users.
  3. Really appreciate all the feedback and help.....will submit a ticket and see how things go, after which I will share the idea here
  4. If I am unable to find a developer in a week's time, I sure will.
  5. Evernote Team - I am a heavy user of Evernote and absolutely love the software. I have an amazing idea that can really benefit all Evernote users. I tried my best in finding a suitable developer through the Developer Forums. I would now like to share my idea with someone directly at Evernote and they can consider it in their next update. Kindly let me know how to go about it.
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