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  1. As a 6 year premium subscriber and "fanboy" of Evernote, I'd like Evernote to automatically bookmark when I type in a note while doing an audio recording so that I can: - focus on being engaged in my meetings (as opposed to focusing on capturing notes) - avoid taking excessive notes - make brief notes at key points in the meeting that I might like to refer to later (i.e - bookmarks) - reference bookmarks later and replay audio content from that portion of the meeting (without having to listen to the entire audio recording to locate the relevant section) This capability is available in several specialty note-taking products, such as Notability and AudioNote. It's also available in Microsoft's OneNote. And is the key benefit of pen technology like Livescribe. I've tried: - Manually entering timestamps into my meeting notes as bookmarks - Recording audio and taking notes in specialty note-taking products and attaching their files in Evernote and - Using MS OneNote for meeting notes when I want to do audio recording and bookmarking (and maintaining my other vast library of notes and materials in Evernote) Frankly, the experiences of these work-arounds are all horrible. I want a single note-taking platform that includes this capability. However, I get sufficient value out of recording and bookmarking meeting notes that I can't let this go. Can you please consider adding audio bookmarking to Evernote? Otherwise, I might need to consider migrating to another solution as my single note-taking platform. Thanks, -Chris
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