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  1. Over the last few days Evernote is not syncing correctly for me. When I open the app on my iPad I don't see my newest notes and notes that have been most recently updated are not showing up where they should. And now when I try to do a sync on Evernote on my MacBook Pro, I get this error continually: You're Offline. You need to connect to the internet to synchronize with the Evernote service. This is while the MacBook Pro is connected via WiFi, 20+ tabs are open in Chrome and working fine, the Mail app is sending and receiving, the WiFi connection is at full strength - basically, connectivity is fine and more than fine. If I quit Evernote and re-open it the issue corrects itself - but then comes back after a few hours or a day or so. It seems to occur when the MacBook Pro has been in sleep mode for a while (overnight or similar) and is then back in action. Any suggestions on how to stop this from occurring?
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