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  1. I'm beginning to use penultimate more and more instead of paper. With à Jot Pro i'm achieving great results but There are two functions that doesn't seem to work with me. I am not able to change the name of a notebook. I've tried various options according to the Penultimate manual on the evernote website,but I can't seem to get a result to change name of the notebook. I can highlight the notebook but I can't seem to change the name of it. I do can delete the notebook. It should be as simple as just tap and hold a note book until it highlights and you can edit the name not? Second question is that I can't seem to get any result of searching handwritten text. I'm Dutch does the language matter? Or doe it plain simple searche a string of numbers&letters? In English it's not working either for me. I'm a premium member. What kind of writing is best? Separate letters or not?
  2. Thx for the replies! I think I'll give the tags a try. Within the two (I'll keep them separated so I can make one local) private notebooks and the reference notebook I'll give the tags a try. If that works for me, then I can do the same with the work en school notebooks. The Project I'm working on do get separate notebooks. There are lots of simular named notes, emails and documents that are used in projects. The thing i'm worried about with tags is that is make too many of them. Therefore they become useless I guess?
  3. Hi there, I would like some advice/help on how to use evernote the best way possible for me. As a projectmanager, Student and familyman i’v got lots of things I can put into Evernote. In your opinion: Does the format below covers most of the needs I could have to put things in Evernote? What changes would you make to make it easier for me to put notes in evernote? And more important being able to maintain them. I’m not (very) familiar with GTD, but also interested in that subject too. Setup concept: !Inbox (primary notebook) !Todo (this one is new for me) 1. Private: Home&Family - Holidays (planning&information) (stacked) - Network information (stacked) - Other Scanned Mail (stacked) - General Family Notes (Stacked) - Compare and information (stacked) - 2. Private: Finance&Insurance - General (stacked) - Mortgage (stacked) - Pension (stacked) - Health Insurance Me (stacked) - Health Insurance Partner (stacked) - Insurance Home&Family (stacked) - Invoices &Warranties (stacked) - Pet Insurance (stacked) - Home Improvement (stacked) - 3. Work General Program Office - Manager meetings (stacked) - Department Meetings (stacked) - General Company Information (stacked) - Company Presentations (given) (stacked) - My presentations (stacked) - Declarations (stacked) - 4. Project X - X Plan (stacked) - X Designs (stacked) - X Issues&Risks (stacked) - X Finance (stacked) - X General (stacked) - X Projectteam (stacked) - 5. Project Y - Y Plan (stacked) - Y Designs (stacked) - Y Issues&Risks (stacked) - Y Finance (stacked) - Y General (stacked) - Y Projectteam (stacked) - 6. Project Z - Z Plan (stacked) - Z Designs (stacked) - Z Issues&Risks (stacked) - Z Finance (stacked) - Z General (stacked) - Z Projectteam (stacked) - 7. School - Year - Course 1 (stacked) - Year - Course 2 (stacked) - Progress (stacked) - General Information (stacked) - 8. Helpfull Notes/Reference? - Tips? (stacked) - GTD? (stacked) - Skitch? (stacked) - Webclippings (stacked) - General Notes There is only one problem: Work The network settings are very strict at my company. I am one of the few people allowed to have a laptop, but at work I can’t sync notes to and from Evernote (nor use the fantastic Outlook functionality).So I now most oftenly mail notes to my evernote account. Also note that i’m not planning to have all my financial products and information in Evernote, only basic information and information when I have an appointment with our financial advisor. (I have faith in Evernote, but not THAT much fate ;-) ) I use Evernote at: - Work laptop (windows 7) - Personal laptop (Windows 8) - Ipad 2 wifi+mobile data - iPhone 4 I'm planning on buying an HP7520 multifunctional with the capability to mail to Evernote for private use. Any tips on how to keep my live on track? :-)
  4. Hi there, I've been reading around, but I can't find an answer to this question. Are there scanners which can scan multiple 2-sided pages directly to my Evernote account without the neccesarity of a separate computer in the middle? The Xerox machines here at the office have that option, but that's a bit too much for me ;-) . It's just for home use and school. I can't find if the affordable snapshot scanners have that option. Any suggestions?
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