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  1. OK thanks guys for the other cool workarounds. I guess that is a platform request sorry it had not occurred to me. My AHK hotkey is OK for now; one compound keypress and ready to search titles. Thanks a lot for your input!
  2. I request a keyboard shortcut to search intitle. Currently I must type: 'intitle:' before most of my searches to get to Notes i specifically titled so I could find them lol. EG: I make a note called: work, & tagged: work. I search: work Other notes containing 'work' in their body appear before the one titled & tagged with 'work'. - I would prefer tagged/titled first if that makes sense? For now this dirty ahk does the trick to search titles (just made it, sorry if not working well for you) but it's not perfect and surely other people search titles?: !^e:: send, #+f SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinWaitActive, - Evernote, , 2 sendinput, intitle: return
  3. Hi anyone!? Bumping this because I strongly think this is a really really useful feature which is needed. - sorry if you don't. Maybe I'll have to find an evernote alternative, but it's a shame as EverNote has so much potential and hard work already done! By doing jumplists: You could help all your (at least Windows, maybe more if OS support it) users be more productive by educating them of Jump Lists too, they are a handy feature of Windows. How often do you use the same note in a day or a week? - but don't want your taskbar or grouped taskbar Evernote entries cluttered by having to keep them open all the time?? Do you always want to have to open to the Evernote main window, locate the note, and open it in the relatively cluttered interface? You could just right click the taskbar (or sysTray if possible) icon and click on recently modified and PINNED notes - It would be awesome!! I don't think it's efficient the current way! If anyone could enlighten me of another way to quickly get to frequent and recent notes (not opening main evernote window first) I would be hugely grateful! Even creating explorer shortcuts etc (not sure how I would monitor the evernote notes DB though). I use Kana Launcher for filesystem based pop up menus so if can get in there, that would help. Thanks!
  4. I really think Evernote should put something like Frequent & Pinned/Favourite & Recent Notes in it's Windows 7 Jump List: A Windows Jump List is the menu that comes up when you right click (or click and drag straight up) an Application's Task Bar Icon, or click the right arrow on it's larger Startup Menu Entry. I find them useful and quick to launch frequently used/pinned/recent documents directly from an Application's Task Bar Icon. Microsoft Office Applications have Pinned & Recent documents: Chrome has Pinned, Most Visited, Recently Closed and Tasks: Evernote only has Tasks and potential space for useful note sections (I guess a mix of Pinned/Favourite [Perhaps from in App], Frequent and Recent): So, I hope you can do it! Thanks!
  5. Oh wow there's an option silly me, in Options->Note: Open links from other apps in new window!! Thanks kvitekp your shift method seems to emulate that setting, although both of them also show the main Evernote window when launched. I'm just being OCD but I want to open my very frequent notes from a quick launcher and I prefer reading them in a separate window, less clutter (much like if you were to just open a text file). I'm a new user and loving Evernote thanks everyone for your replies & efforts.
  6. Is there a way to make an Evernote link or Desktop Shortcut to open an existing note in a new window (like when you are in a separate note window and click a note link)? I have tried: Copy Note Link, using that as a windows shortcut = Opens note in main list in Evernote window. Command Line Options = no option to open a note I don't think. Just display note in terminal. Copy note URL = public sharing = not what i want Thanks! I am wondering if there could be a way to implement in the protocol handler as a note link starts like this: evernote:///view/[bLAH] Maybe a different action than 'view' or other parameters or something?
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