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  1. If the left/right arrow keys have been assigned to other functions, can we at least have arrow buttons to move through the page element list, along with the existing expand/contract ones?
  2. Very glad to know this. Thank you for all the great work. I click "Web Clipper" icon as almost many times as I click the "New tab" icon.
  3. Everytime I visit www.yinxiang.com in chrome, webclipper logs out itself immediately. After some dubugging in webclipper js code, I found that the problem might be at line 9 in content/evernote.js, which registers noticeLogout action for a couple of web client URLs. Unfortunately the regex matches "www.yinxiang.com" which is not webclient URL but the static homepage for YXBJ service in China (Equivalence to "evernote.com" without "www." prefix). So to fix this clipper logout issue, line 9 in content/evernote.js should be changed to /^https?:\/\/((www|stage|stage-china)\.evernote|app\.yinxiang)\.com\// Please fix this issue in next release of chrome web clipper officially, then I need no longer change this js file by myself. Thanks.
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