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  1. No worries!!! I found out how to get the old version back! Pheeuw!! Thank God!!! If anybody else has similar issues, check out the link below: & don't forget to export your notebooks people!!!! cheers!
  2. Can somebody please help me!!! :@ I went onto the app store this morning and saw that there was an update to Evernote, once I updated it I noticed that all of my notes were gone. I'm not sure if i had an account before but then I created a new one because it said that my e-mail address that I typed in did not exist, so maybe I did not have an account before... Now that I have created a new login I have lost all of my old content! I don't understand, because I have been using evernote for the past year and I don't think I ever logged in online, I just used the programme on my mac and had so many notes that I created with some valuable info on it. And now that I updated it to version 3.1.0 (24062), all of the notes I had are gone!!! Is there any way for me to get all of those notes back?? I hope there is a way to get it all back!!! :(
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