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  1. My god this sucks - come on guys you need to tell people this is gone before they upgrade I just went into a meeting I had to record only to find it missing.
  2. I submitted a ticket to Evernote, they've acknowledged there is a bug, not sure if it is specific to iPhone 6, but it appears that way. No ETA on a fix, but I would assume it's probably a high priority.
  3. My camera has been useless since the last app update as well. It does the recognition of the document then sits on 'Capturing' with the green rectangle forever. I've tried removing and re-installing the app as well but not dice. Using the camera a lot for work this has really messed up my workflow in Evernote for the last week. I'm using the latest iOS on an iPhone 6.
  4. Yes, I did follow up and reply to that same ticket with the results.
  5. Honestly I'm a little underwhelmed also. I've been premium for I believe a few years now and just tried to use support for the first time this week. I posted an issue and didn't get a response for a little over 2 days - a 1-liner asking me to re-install. If someone could help me out it would be great, I have no protesting issues with posting my ticket number - it's #213717 Matt
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