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  1. Thanks Dlu - any idea where we can get information on what affects the speed of sync from someone at your end?
  2. Interesting! Thanks for the feedback guys. I would suggest it's unlikely to be a bandwidth issue on my end as it would appear to be running significantly slower than our internet connection (perhaps 1 hour to transfer ~15MB). However, Evernote throttling speed would make sense from their point of view if fast syncing is not an issue for most people, and if they have resource constraints.
  3. Wow - seems like it's a relatively small amount of data to transfer so surprising it's so slow. Does having a Pro account affect it at all?
  4. I've noticed when using Evernote that the sync process is very slow sometimes. I just imported about 150 notes and the 'Updating Client Database' section of the sync onto a new computer has been running for about 10 minutes and is at 37%. The initial sync of about 2,000 documents took nearly all day. It seems incredibly slow. Is this normal behaviour? Is there any way to speed it up? Thanks.
  5. The link above seems to redirect to http://discussion.evernote.com/ - can you confirm where it should link to?
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