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  1. Specifically for the s1500 i have figured I can scan and queue OCR by using the scansnap software to send the scans to fine reader, which output to a folder watched by EN. This solves my challenge of waiting between scans and OCR is not manual later. @longtex I take your point that this may run in to challenges re deskewing, I've not experienced such an issue yet, but I am new to scanning so much. Wish I shared your programming skills :-)
  2. I forgot to add I might be away from home. However @gazumped your solution can work for me, When away i will use a remote connect software to access the pc. While the solution is not as fully automated/scripted as I would like, it does have the WAF (wife acceptabliity factor) and the added bonus of allowing me time to name the files, and file in my chosen folder structure on the pc... Two jobs that would otherwise never get done.
  3. I want to scan, then save my OCR'd document locally and push to Evernote. I can do all of this but have one problem, the wait for the OCR to take place before I can scan my next document. If I skip the local OCR processing I can scan immediately, but I want the local OCR copy. To give more context, my use is scanning post and the scanner is remote from the PC (the screen is 20ft away) so my ideal is to open the scanner, drop in the document, hit the scan button and repeat. Not able to see the screen I don't know when the OCR has completed, and most importantly I don't won't to wait. Am I missing a method where I can just keep scanning, the OCR'ing gets queued as the onward local save and upload to Evernote? My scanner is the Fujitsu S1500, I appreciate this is a wider question than just EN, but hope the knowledgeable community here may have good advice :-).
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