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  1. Just noticed that, for me, the problem is not even restricted to links within notes. Links in the help menu are not working either - i.e. online help, and go to my account page
  2. Links not working for me either in Evernote desktop for Windows (269614) Public. Windows 8 64-bit. Not sure when they stopped working. My links work fine from the Evernote web app.
  3. Why? As far as I can tell, the raison d'être of Skitch is for annotating images not for creating handwritten notes from scratch.
  4. Just wanted to add another voice to this. Round trip to skitch is not what I want. And even this does not work.....I go to skitch resize (reduce number of pixels), save back to evernote. But the image still fills up as much area in my note as it did before. It is such a simple task in OneNote. I grab and image by its edge. Resize it to the size I want it to occupy in the note. And that's it. Please add this to Evernote.
  5. @Grumpy: Thanks for the reply. Fingers crossed it gets fixed.
  6. Hello, I am fairly new to Evernote. When I paste, or type, a URL into Evernote (e.g. www.evernote.com), it does not appear as a clickable link Is this normal behaviour? If yes, is there a way to make Evernote create clickable links whenever a URL is typed or pasted? I am using the Mac client (v. 5.0.4)
  7. I want selective notebook sync too. Limiting data to a local notebook so that it does not appear on another device is not satisfactory workaround. See 4 posts back (by bammi) for the reason. I am a Microsoft OneNote user who greatly values being able to selectively sync OneNote notebooks to different machines. But I also have a Mac and iPad so I am also a prime candidate to become an Evernote switcher due to lack of OneNote on these platforms. However, I definitely won't be switching until selective sync to desktop clients is available - by which time Microsoft might have released OneNote apps for Mac and iPad and my impulse for switching would have passed. On balance, I prefer putting up with the hassle of running OneNote in a virtual machine on my Mac and foregoing access to my notes on iPad than putting up with lack of selective sync in Evernote.
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