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  1. Love the guy who doesn’t understand the problem but gets pissed at everyone who doesn’t grasp his elegant solution to a different problem. The question is: How does one add tags to the list of available tags, WITHOUT being in a specific note? The purpose for this is simple: I add notes to EN from several different iOS apps. Apparently, the only way to create a new tag for one of these notes added from another app is to Step 1: Send it to EN minus the needed new tag; Step 2: Go over to EN and locate the note; Step 3: Edit the note’s tags and use THAT step to create a new tag. Got it. Pretty simple to grasp, but not a very efficient process and not even slightly intuitive. (And pissed-off-german-guy could probably have answered that question without all the histrionics, but whatever.) But the question remains: Is there a way to bulk create one or more tags inside EN, and before actually needing them, WITHOUT having to be editing a specific note? So that when one adds a note from another app, the newly added tags are already available in that function? Example: I am reviewing a pile of 2020 financials, and anticipate that I will be needing the following new tags during my review. 2020 Taxes; 2020 Charitable; 2020 P&L; 2020 Subtenant; 2020 Real Estate. It would be great if I could add these to the EN tag list once, before I start my review, and then assign them on-the-fly when adding the notes during my review in other apps. A version of data sous cheffing. Prepare ingredients. Arrange. Start cooking. Use prepared ingredients when the time arrives...rather than getting to the “add garlic” stage and then going off to mince garlic. This would also allow one to plan and create a nested tag hierarchy in advance, which would prevent the problem that I have. Lots and lots of tags, lots of duplicates, lots that have only one note assigned, lots that are functional dupes but have different names, like 2019 Taxes, ‘19 Taxes, ‘19 IRS, ‘19 Deductions, ‘19 Schedule C. Etc. They’re basically all the same or closely related, but since I create tags on the fly, ad hoc, this is the result. Not pretty. I BELIEVE the answer is that it can’t be done this way. That it can only be done during post-add processing in EN when looking at a specific note. Using my sous chef metaphor, you can’t cut the garlic until you actually need to add the garlic to a specific dish that is already in process. Dumb way to run a busy kitchen. And it’s a dumb way to manage a large filing system. And if that is true, one easy workaround would be to create a fake note in EN, assign/create all my new tags there, do my review assigning my new tags, and then just delete the fake note later. Seems pretty clumsy and doesn’t address the need to create a comprehensive system in advance, but that may be the only approach.
  2. Doh! I was in "expanded card view" and that window does not pop up when multiple notes are selected in ECV as it does in every other view format.
  3. I'm in EN for Mac ver 7.7. Did the native "Table of Contents" context feature go away? It is nowhere to be found.
  4. EN for Mac Version 6.11 (454874 Direct) When I right click on a pdf in a note and try to either "save as" or "save as searchable pdf" the app stops responding, I get a beach ball and I have to force quit.
  5. Thank you. But I don't even know where the global shortcuts are that I could replace. They don't show up in preferences>keyboard>shortcuts. I can't seem to see where, for instance, Safari is hijacking global shortcuts because they don't show up in preferences. I tried changing a shortcut in EN preferences, but the one I changed does not work.
  6. My EN keyboard shortcuts don't work. For instance, shift+cmd+N, instead of creating a new note in EN, brings up a new window in Safari. I tried checking keyboard preferences, but there are no EN options there. Thanks in advance.
  7. I don't have that option in my EN. Using Mac
  8. Thanks folks. Cut and paste does work, but not from the right click context menu which was where I was looking. You have to use the menu. Not an onerous burden, but a right click option would be nice. Or even better, drag and drop attachment from one note to another. And restore from the trash bin also works and brings the attachment along with it. I didn't know that EN trashed merged notes and created a totally new note.
  9. So I merged several notes that all have attachments, but mistakenly included one that should not have been included. Apparently I can't "undo" the merge, but is there a way to move an attachment to a different note? Like "make new note from attachment?" Or drag and drop from one note to another. My workaround was to open the attachment in Acrobat and then email into EN, thus creating a new note, and deleting from the merged note. There has to be an easier way. Thanks.
  10. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  11. When emailing a note into EN, is there a way in EN, or maybe a third party app available, that would auto assign the note to a particular notebook, or auto tag the note based on what is in the subject line? I use a third party research service and frequently email research results to my EN account. I do put the client's name in the email subject line, but it would be great if EN could read the subject when it's received and automatically send the note to a specific client or subject notebook. Or maybe an EN version of a Smart Mailbox?
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