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  1. debns

    windows (Archived) Importing .pdf documents

    Not an Evernote-based solution, but I use PDFTools, which is free software and available here: http://sheelapps.com/index.php?p=PDFTools.HomePage&action=view
  2. When I sync, I see a small box at the bottom right of the screen showing what stage of the sync is happening, and what percentage of that stage is complete. Can you not see that?
  3. debns

    windows Search multiple tags?

    Thank you. I did know about the any: option, but hadn't worked out how it could be used along with the tag: option, and searching here and google found me lots of information (some of which is very useful!) but not the answer to my query. Now I know :-)
  4. Is there a way to search for all notes tagged with multiple tags at the same time? For example - if I have 2 notes tagged with "software" and 6 tagged with "education", is there a search operator I can use to view all 8 of those notes? I expected that something like tag:software OR tag:education would do it, but that seems to bring up only notes that are tagged with both tags.