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  1. Scoob - sorry, I've no idea whether such a thing (lobbying sign-up sheet / petition) exists. Happy to set one up if it's possible and won't just annoy our kindly moderators and developers... (Any comments, anyone?)
  2. Thanks for the very speedy reply (much quicker than mine!) but this feature would make a huge difference to usability on Android. Is there anything we can do to lobby for it to be pushed up the priorities list, please?
  3. I'm new to Evernote but trying to use it to organise a heap of documents for a meeting. Surprised that the inline pdfs on my laptop weren't showing inline on my Android tablet. The post above say this was 'on your list' 9 months ago. Could you let us know whether it's going to be an available feature, please? (And when that might be?) Many thanks!
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