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  1. I like the look of the new version, but it seems to be much better for writing notes than it is for reading and looking through them. The biggest complaint there is that the information is far too sparsely displayed. On my 1080p monitor I can only see 5 notes at a time with Chrome maximized. I also don't like that the notebook/tag/etc. panes disappear the instant you select something. I would much rather have at least an option to have them remain-- it's tedious to have to go back and click the option on the left bar again every time, and there's so much horizontal space that isn't being used on a 16:9 monitor! I'd also like to second the desire for a dark/night mode, at least for the editor. Editing for too long on a white background is eye-killing for me. Edit: The editing also seems to be more geared toward working on a tablet than on a device with a mouse and keyboard. The fact that the editing options (fonts, colors, etc.) pop up whenever I select text is somewhat annoying, as it obscures text on the next line. I would much rather have this docked at the top of the editor, like normal (or, again, at least an option to do so).
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