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  1. For looking at a few well-chosen images that inspire me, I find Pinterest helpful. I use it for searching and saving historic costume and needlework images. It's also good for linking back to other websites where the image was originally found. Evernote where I stash my text-based info, for family history research or keeping logs. It's great for genealogy or for project planning with others. Both Pinterest and Evernote have widgets for saving those things you find while online.
  2. I'm having the Evernote update problem on my MacBook Pro Retina with Evernote 6.0.13. When I try to update Evernote, I get "Update Error! An error occurred while downloading the update. Please try again later." I've tried restarting, emptying the trash, running utilities. Same message. I have no idea where my Evernote database is. I'm an Evernote Pro Customer, running it on my iPhone 6 and iPad as well. Should I delete the desktop client and reinstall? Am I safely backed up in the cloud? I have no idea where my database is to back it up! Please advise.
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