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  1. Thanks for the question. The first step of integrating with Evernote in Unified Inbox, which is active now, is being able to read your notes in Unified Inbox. For us personally, it means that a number of our company policies and procedures are stored there for easy access. Next steps of the integration, depend on what users most want. The most requested feature at this stage is drag and drop emails into Evernote and direct clipping of content. One of the reasons I wanted to talk with this group was to find out what the dream, most amazing feature you could imagine if you had free rein over how your email and Evernote interacted.
  2. Hi GrumpyMonkey, the pricing is not set yet, as mentioned in my post we have not launched and we are deliberating on our price plans. A few companies have launched and then later realised that they have had to restructure their price plans after launch, increasing the cost to users and this has obviously not gone down well. The figure of $1 per day is not what I envisage we will launch with, and in fact hope to be able to launch with a free (ad supported) option, as well as a variety of pricing plans depending on the number of users (for business accounts) and additional features used. You are able to connect Evernote with Unified Inbox, along with multiple email accounts (business and personal), Twitter and Facebook. With these accounts in one place we hope to make users lives much easier by having everything in one easily manageable place which is accessible from anywhere, on any device (currently only web based, but we are close to releasing an iPad app and hope to progress from there). Essentially we are trying to utilise Evernote with other services so that users can improve in regards to organisation and efficiency.
  3. Thanks for the post Akylax it is very interesting and give some sound advice on how to manage your workload whilst striving towards the mystical place that is Inbox Zero. We at Unified Inbox are working towards overcoming the problem of communication overload and helping people to achieve inbox zero. We are striving to combine all forms of communication in one easily manageable place, including multiple email accounts, social media and most relevant here, Evernote. I feel the people reading this forum page are in the perfect place to help us as we are still a start up that have yet to officially launch, as such we would really appreciate users trialling our product and giving us feedback on how to improve. Please take a look and let us know what you think - https://unifiedinbox.com/
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