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  1. Would you kindly explain this, step by step? Which program do I have to open (automator or scripteditor)? What do i have to do then? copy something into what? Record or play or...? Etcetera. I would love to have the classic link by default - AND the note title as well. Many thanks. New to scripts - obviously:-).
  2. Thx for answering - really quick:-). I just use cmd+N and would like that new note to always appear in the same notebook.
  3. Is it possible to choose a default location for ANY new note? The desktop app (mac) chooses the one that is highlighted. I like to make a collection of notes and later file them in the right location, with the right tags...
  4. Sorry to intervene with a stupid question, no doubt. When using tags, how do you perform the search? You can't click three tags to get what is classified under those tags...
  5. Using Chrome. Thanks a lot! It helps. Great service:-).
  6. Hi, The web clipper does not use the default location, indicated in the desktop version. Default location is correct elsewhere: on the web, ipad, iphone... Simply not in the web clipper. Any suggestions? Thx - h./belgium
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