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  1. Yes. The original request was to support video streams and video in general. Support means, that EN would have in built tools to tag, cut and edit portions of vids. EN business model and file size limitations would be an obvious constraint here, yet, this could be done integrating EN to external storage like dropbox or google disc, to solve this problem. This would be ideal and preferred scenario. However, we have already established that EN does not have a solution like this. Now we can talk about alternatives and workarounds. Cutting frames, timestamping them and linking with a hyperlink, would be one way of going for it. However, this seems like awfully painful process to follow... although once in a while one could do it. Would be very nice though if web clipper would allow such a simple functionality. What I mean that it is painful is when you want to timestamp one video multiple times. This is where potenitally videonote.es could be used... if only I could make snapshot functionality work properly ... ehhh. However, even EN has one major issue for me. It does not allow to cut small chunks of the video to note sized pieces. What I mean by this, is that sometimes you do not only need to tag starting fragment of the video but would also like it to have a defenite end.
  2. And the person I actually had in mind when writing previous post had joined this discussion without having anything of value to say on the subject at hand... hurray! FYI half of previous post was filled with some useful information that provide a workaround for evernote to partially support video note taking. Yet you have chosen (as always) to focus on bikering and petty talk.
  3. Yeah yeah.... evernote is perfect and does not need any improvements. Not really interested in hearing this story again... Too many times on these forum when searching for a solution to a particular problem I have seen similar attitidue particularily from poster having couple of thousand posts. My advice is so that you google "humility" and get acquinted with the term... or to say it more bluntly: please do not post if you have nothing of value to add to the matter at hand. I am not here to convince anyone that videostream integration would be useful thing to have in a note taking app if they don't feel like it. Anyways. About the Videonot.es site and plugin that I mentioned above and which is actually on the subject... apparently it has inbuilt EN integration that would more or less do the job. It also has functionality to embedd screenshots to these notes and tie them to particular moments in the video which in a way is what I would actually want. When I say that I would like to have the ability to play videos directly in EN is actually about being able to see not the link but an actual snapshot of the video. This allows better to stimulate my memory.... Videonot.es have this functionality when using chrome extension, but I am not able to trigger it for some reason. I need to play a biit more with it.
  4. Haha.... I think that I might have solved the mystery... This might not be about video content being copyright protected but about the entire idea of notetaking videostreams being patented. This is what I found online when searching for "notetaking video streams": http://www.google.co.in/patents/US20020163548 This is not exactly patent for embedding streams into notes. This is more about annotating streams and in this way creating notes out of them. However, I bet that if one searches deep enough one will find a patent for just that thing. BTW. I have just found an interesting site that in a way supports video notes: Videonot.es. This is far from the functionality that would satisfy me, but that is a start. People using EN I believ can utilize this tool quite easily. Videonot creates a google drive file. By the means of IFTT site, I guess, you can make a rule that link to this google drive note is added to your EN inbox. It is far from being perfect... yet it is better than nothing.
  5. Yeah yeah... seen this story before. Not really interested in seeing it again. Images and files are often copyright protected too and somehow no problem in supporting them. However, when something is not implemented by EN all of the sudden copyright protection becomes an issue.... Bottom line is EN does not support video streams which makes it useless to me. See you on the forum in another year with same question.
  6. So I guess there is still no workaround. This really amazes me that EN still refuses to implement something as obvious as streaming support. Actually it would be unfair to direct it to EN only, as no note taking software I saw has this capability. Pocket is the closest thing that I have seen that allows you to create your personal audio/video library. However, its tagging capabilities are very limited and does not allow you to edit articles in any way.... I am starting to think that this would actually be a great idea for a new app/software. Since there is nothing on the market that does the job.
  7. Hi, I know this subject was mentioned in the forums in the past. I also know that in the past there was a short anwser that EN does not support multimedia. Just wanted to ask if anything has changed in this subject? Maybe some kind of new workarounds? Basically I would like to be able to somehow capture youtube videos and podcasts into notes. I do not want links, I want to have an actual embedded youtube screen into a note. i.e. I have a recepie and below it there would be a youtube window with a guy actually cooking the meal; or I go to a salsa class and at the end of the lesson instructor is showing the new steps that where presented on the course that I record with my phone and would like to make a note out of this movie, with actual player window inside the note and not with a movie icon..... Whenever I do internet research probably half of the content I look for online is in the form of a movie or audio file. I prefer it to reading. It is faster and more efficient for me. In the past whenever I tried to start using evernote lack of media support was a deal breaker for me. What is they point of having "one inbox" if I cannot put half of my content into it... The sad thing is that I have not managed to find any other similar software that would allow me to have media support. Pocket is a nice tool and would do the trick if only it allowed to edit articles in any way before archiving them. Unfortnatelly you can only mark entire webpages with it.....
  8. True... but I know where it will be if people keep implying it is perfect the way it is and that features like file syncing and file indexing are obsolete. It will be in exactly the same place it is now.... It will get a few more tweaks here and there but nothing ground breaking.
  9. Oh really? and what if you could on the fly capture a bookmark of the particular FRAGMENT of the video where someone would show you exactly how to fold these dumplings, or how to cut a tomato so that it has perfect shape for decoration? Seriously, just because people are not complaining this is not proving anything. They simply are unaware of the possibilities that's all. 2006 iphone did not exist. No one was complaining that they could *only* call from their phone or that they had to use sticks to use their PDA. 2004 there was no youtube. No one was complaining that they couldn't broadcast themselves. 1999 there was no camera phone. No one probably even considered making photo notes... etc. Times change. That's all. I can easily imagine in 10 years notes being geolocated and integrated into your google glass device. I.e. you go to a restaurant and eat something that you don't like. You could then take a note no to order it again comprising of video, text or whatever that would activate automatically upon you looking at the menu in this particular restaurant. Or a video note that would recall a particularly funny moment that happened when you were there 2 years ago. All I am saying here is that insisting on keeping the tool as it is, is the best way to make it outdated. IMO file search and integration is the way to go. For now EN is great, but it has not change much in terms of overall *ideology* since it was launched and 6 years is a long time when you think software/internet. What I am saying is that to make it really better, the *ideology* has to be changed alltogether with the product. For me a perfect example of such demise where instant massaging applications. Back in the day - early 2000 - such products that was something really cool. All my friends had it - it was called GaduGadu. The idea was very simple. You send text and someone writes back in real time. Gradually other options were added. File transfer, video calls etc. But the overall idea was always the same. Communication between two particular people. Yes it was becoming more and more sophisticated but this basic principle remained unchanged.... and then came Facebook and leveled the whole landscape. This was completely new principle. Why would you talk to one friend, when you can talk to all of them at once?.... Guess how many of my firends use GaduGadu now? ... I do not know either as I have uninstalled it long, long time ago and trust me when I say it is more perfect now than it was ever before in terms of its core capabilities. This is a kinda cautionary tale for Evernote. It may be perfect in what it was designed to do, but if its core capabilities will not evolve, it may be soon forgotten.
  10. All above is true... but I am telling you. This functionality will be forced sooner or later upon evernote for the very reason of what Google is currently doing with its services. I am not talking 1 year, or 2 years... it make take 3 or 4 years or more for this to happen. Google is integrating everything to google drive. Gmail, youtube, chrome, Chome OS, chromecast, aorundroid (obviously) etc. and planned support for google keep and google glass in the future. There are more and more services being added. At certain point people will start asking simple questions. i.e. why would I bother with EN if google search gives me access to all these wonderfull services? By going to google now, I will be able not only to browse through my notes but also through my movies, emails, contacts, spreadsheets, calendar, tasks etc. EN will not be able to compete against it with links to external files.... common. I do not want to find external file in dropbox. I want my search engine to scan it automatically as well... At the same time, I am by no means saying that this needs to be dropbox or whatever. However, adding dropbox integration seems kinda natural. It is obvious EN does not have capabilities to compete with google drive in terms of file sharing. However, dropbox does.... Also, the fact that people do not use their quotas in EN is precisely because there is no multimedia support. One of my first thoughts when I installed EN app on my Andorid was "how on earth can I capture a movie with this"... Recently I really regretted there is no automated podcast support ... etc. Thinking about the notes in terms of pen and paper is really outdated approach....
  11. Nope I do not. I have something like 5 Gigs of data on my dropbox which I believe is rather low. However, if I had better tools to store multimedia I would probably expand it pretty quickly. As for linking movie to evernote with a link... common. You know better than this. We could do our note taking on paper as well but this is not the point. Oh and truth be told, trying to turn this around and suggesting that I have bigger needs than others is a prime example of the funboish attitude that was pointed out earlier in this thread. Truth is that our needs adjust to the tools we have. 2001 if someone told you you could transfer 1 Gig of data per month of your notes, you would be amazed... Now, a lot of people complain it is not enough. I remember someone being very excited about the ability of EN to store and capture his son's art work. Why stop there? What if I wanted to store in EN my child's first steps recorded with my smartphone that is capable of capturing full HD movies? In other words, times have changed. I see no reason to pretend otherwise and trying to criticize anyone who dares to point it out... P.S. And what stops you from writing down recipie and then adding a video with someone doing it...
  12. Sorry for some archeological research but... I have been searching the web for the way to integrate DB and EN and was kinda shocked/surprised when I saw anyone not being able to see the obvious benefits of it. Why would I want it? The question is why wouldn't I? Simple example from 1 hour ago. I watched a short video that made me lough and wanted to keep it under "inspirations". Not the link. Entire video. Evernote does not have option to do it automatically and even if, guess how many videos like this I could archive with 1 GB monthly quota limit.... Other example - people like keeping recipies in EN - kinda trademark functionality. Why would I make an effort to keep a recipe if I can keep a video of someone preparing the dish - start to finish. Duh.... Remember everything? I do not think so.... And to be honest sooner or later EN will be forced to do it or will see people switching to google keep. Sure, google keep lacks in many areas but it quickly catches up. It also scheduled to be integrated with google drive. It is almost certain it will happen seeing how google keeps integrating more and more of its service into drive... google drive has search engine that beats EN in every possible way and it is FREE... and common, you cannot keep up with google in terms of search capabilities (i.e. I can easily imagine google being able to scan your media files with speech recognition software for phrases in the future. It is not yet there, but....). Be also minded that google drive have just received a massive price reduction recently.... So in my humble opinion, dropbox (or some other storing service) integration is a must.
  13. Thanks, F3 was what I was looking for. CTRL+ALT+T is kinda useless. Too many click required.
  14. Sorry for my archaeological research but has anything changed in terms of adding tags to the body of the note? Alternatively - is there a keyboard shortcut that would move me from the body to the tax line of the note? There is ctrl+alt+t (Windows client) which adds a tag but this shortcut is counterproductive. After pressing you get a popup windows where you can add a tag but it requires either some scrolling action or mouse clicking into proper field.... I would like a shortcut that would move me to the tag line where I could add a tag instantly without being forced to grab the mouse.
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