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  1. Ok, so if anyone at Evernote is reading this (they've not made themselves visible if they are) you've lost a premium subscriber here because of this. Just not worth renewing my subscriptions any more when I can't use Evernote as an easily-browsable visual archive any more, and I'm sure others are feeling the same. Would love to have it made worth my while to renew again.
  2. If you're quickly trying to scan through reams of visual refs the lines provide a distraction that hinder the mental process of scanning them. The cropping affects this even more so. I've gone from scanning a big list of image objects to scanning a big list of lined-box-objects that I need to focus on the image inside. If that makes sense.
  3. I've gone from being a huge Evernote advocate (got a fair few colleagues to sign up to premium accounts) to being embarrassed for anyone to see how I collate visual items. Here's why: Paper lines/rules: Why? Good Lord, why? This adds completely unnecessary visual clutter to the page, which is harmful for more than just aesthetic reasons when scrolling through hundreds of items Dates: Most people will being seeing their items chronologically anyway, so this is fairly superflous. Click (or hover?) if you need to see these details. And why blue? The exact same blue as the default link colour in most browsers and many apps? More visual clutter that makes skimming through multiple items a massive chore. Cropped thumbnails: Seriously guys, this seems like the laziest solution ever. Thumbnail size slider: This feature was great. Why remove it? Have any of your engineers actually sat down with a designer end-user to see how they use the app? It really doesn't seem like you have. Or you just don't care. You have the code for the old thumbnail view, just add it back in and give us a new view type! Please!!
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