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  1. Same here :-) Also running EN 3.3.0 & Mountain Lion. Some observations: * I get 12 new note windows opening after being in full screen mode briefly; don't typically stay there long so haven't counted whether this increases over time * The windows appear incomplete, in that they have no title, folder or tags, and you can't interact with them * They all display created & updated dates of the current date * They all show domain names where you would normally expect that for a URL, and these appear to be sites I do clip from * Nothing in the activity log regarding this Thanks!
  2. I had the same problem. Switching to the latest Beta release seems to have fixed it for me. More details in this thread.
  3. Quick update: I installed the latest beta [Version 3.1.2 Beta 1 (251394)], and so far it seems to have solved the problem. I was offline for about 5 hours without a problem, while on V3.1.0 I got logged off within minutes. I'll continue testing, though, and post again. For anyone else that might want to try the beta, some quick notes on how I changed from the App Store version to the Beta: Export your notes to an Evernote XML (.enex) file Quit Evernote Backup your ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/ folder Uninstall Evernote (in Finder, drag it from the Applications folder to Trash). Alternately use something like AppCleaner, which I believe will also delete your data, so you'll have to restore or import that again from backup later. Download the Beta from the link in Unzip it to your ~/Applications folder Start Evernote again, and log in I hope this helps others with the same problem :-)
  4. Similar problem here. As per other posts here and in other threads, I am signing in with lower case username (no email or upper case), so that is not the problem. I am on a client's LAN where I prefer not to use their internet connection, so I don't bother configuring proxy settings. When I connect to the LAN, the EN logs say the following: Not sure how EN decides that the server is reachable? What makes this even more frustrating is that if I do configure the proxy, this site uses an Ironport HTTPS proxy, for which I get the expected: This latter behaviour makes sense, and would not be a problem for me if I could still work offline, although I think there probably should be a way around this (similar to browsers warning but allowing you to accept the certificate in cases where you trust the proxy). I used to be able to use EN offline at this site, but now have no way of using it at all (with or without proxy). Ironically I went premium only so I could get offline access on my iPad, which got stolen last week, so while I had 2 options a week ago, now I am truly stuck :-( Does anyone know whether the previous version is available for download & manual installation (outside of the App Store), so I can roll back?
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