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  1. I also would like to open a second instance. I want to use my second screen for an ever-changing to do list. Since I use EN to keep track of things it would be great if the second screen were a second instance of EN. Since I am doing other things in EN this can't be my only instance. Is there a way to open a second instance on the same machine?
  2. The places where I keep information are Google Drive, Gmail, and Evernote. I don't pay attention to which one I'm in since they are all organized the same. Until I try to access something in Evernote and am reminded it is (and cannot be) organized the same because it is only 2 levels. I understand that moving from 2 levels to 3 is like moving from 2 to 127. Still someone is going to do it. Google has done their experiment with Keep. And you guys have shown there is a market.
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