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  1. I was hoping EN would be the "be all and end all" for my courses this fall, but have decided it won't work.

    So, I will be using it in tandem with some other apps - Schoology will be the course content, grades, T/Q (automatically and immediately marked), discussion, collaboration, etc.

    I like Grumpy's "grow an external brain" picture. External brain, portable filing cabinet . . . good pictures for the kids on Day 1 when I intro them to EN.


  2. Never too late. Thanks, Tim.

    Yes - not operable in the way I was conceiving, and the way(s) we need for education.

    I will be using Schoology for these functions as you outline in your comment (it's like Edmodo but better, imho) and having students use EN as their notebook (getting them away from paper).

    Many thanks for your advice.

    I was hoping EN could be my go-to, but it can't.

  3. Many thanks, GrumpyMonkey . . . (can I call you Grumpy for short? or GM?)

    Thanks for the link to MC in NJ. I've looked at their info. They went with a prem acct for everyone in the school, so yes, they can collaborate easily. I won't be able to do that as I don't have a cajillion dolla. (Lessee...prem at 50% discount = $22.50/kid x say, 400 kids = what? $9000 bucks? ya, right...)

    I won't be using EN for tests, assignments, etc. I'll be using Schoology for that and for direct communication with individual students.

    I'm attempting to determine if I alone go prem, can students then edit those docs (assignments), given this statement from the EN site prem info: "Share your notebooks and allow others to edit them." or if it is implied that the students too need to go prem (wording is unclear).

    I'm hoping someone from EN might drop by to help.

    Do you know how to raise someone that might know?

    And along these lines . . . it seems to me EN would stand to profit in the long run by offering prem to students for free. Kids would love it, making EN their home for everything, and once they graduate, EN would have a prem convert for life. Another reason to hopefully hear from someone from EN!

    Thanks Grumpy . . . or GM . . . or GrumpyMonkey.


  4. Reaver (and whomever else) -

    If I upgrade to a Premium acct, will this be possible? From the site EN prem info: "Share your notebooks and allow others to edit them."

    It does not state the "others" need to also be premies. It implies that if I go prem and share a notebook with my class (others), they will be able to edit the notes.

    I'm hoping they could even perhaps copy my note to their notebook, then edit?

    If this is possible, this will work.

    I cannot afford to pay for EN prem for each of my students out of my pocket.

    I'd prefer to introduce my classes to EN, but, if this doesn't work there's always Google Docs (ugh).

  5. I want to create a course notebook in which I put worksheets, quizzes, charts, etc.

    I want each student to be able to go into that shared NB, find the assignment, fill in the blanks, then save it in their course notebook where I can then find and mark it. . . and also comment on it/show marks, etc.

    I can't seem to figure out the format/type of document the kids can download, complete and save.

    I'm sure this is very easy, but I can't seem to find it and can't make it work (I created a chart in pages - exported as a word doc - saved to EN course NB; I can then find it in the NB but cannot enter any info onto it). I want to adminster tests/quizzes/goal sheets this way in the fall.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  6. OK...yes, newb here...dunno where to post this...can't seem to find a "How To" section of the forum (redirection/education would be appreciated).

    EN is for collecting, sorting, even making new notes.

    But I can't see how to import into EN a former paper handout such that students can fill it in using EN, then send it to a marking NB? I want to "go paperless" and am trying to figure out how to do it.

    It appears EN saves as PDF, which is uneditable, right?

    Probably as soon as you tell me I'll go "doh", but it has me stumped.

    Any help much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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