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  1. For over a month now EN is crashing on my iPad Air and iPhone 6+. This is also happening on my wife's iPad and iPhone. The app will close around 20 seconds after opening it. We have the latest IOS and the latest EN. I have sent in a ticket, have had discussion via chat and various emails and still no fix to the problem. I really depend on Evernote on a daily basis. I have tried to narrow the problem down and have met with little success. Yes, I have deleted/reinstalled, I have done a reset, I have closed al apps and only opened EN. The only thing that does work is if I use Airplane mode with the Wifi and Bluetooth off, then there is no problem. I have reported this to EN over two weeks ago. However, the problem then is I can't see many of my notes because they are in the cloud. I am a power user and premium member and depend on EN daily. Currently I can only use it on my desktop which does not help when I am out of the house. From google searches and other posts I am not the only one having this problem. I am now using OneNote for my current notes that I create and in the process of moving everything over to OneNote, which is a really long and complicated procedure but I need something that I can rely on. I really hate to leave EN but feel that I have no choice. The worst part about EN has always been their poor support. The support system is terrible.
  2. Will not stay open. Continually reverts back to the iPad home screen after about 30 seconds. Tried deleting and reinstalling and still the same problem. I had no problem with Evernote until vs 7.6.0.
  3. Ticket# 426841 They have not suggested anything. I think I did a reinstall but will do it again. Thank you
  4. Below is what I sent to EN support over a week ago and still no response other than 'they are working on it.' Has anyone else had this problem? Sometimes when scanning using either my Scansnap S1100 or ix500 another Evernote opens up and I have two Evernote icons in the tray plus a third one with a PDF flag Eventually I get an error message - Migrating from a previous version then get - Processing notes for searching. Then wait 15 minutes will every note is processed. If I then can continue the app will open or can wait until the process is completed and wait for the app to open. The processing can take up to 15 to 30 minutes. If the I press continue I still have to wait because the Evernote doesn’t have access to everything so doing a search becomes meaningless though I can add additional notes. I never had the problem until about one or two months ago when Evernote was updated. Sometime I get a total crash and then have to remove the data from the Library and open the app again and wait for it to sync which even takes longer than waiting for it to process. Below is all of the information you need. I am a Premium memberEvernote downloaded from the Evernote websiteEvernote Version 5.5Scansnap S1100 and ix500 - these were purchased last year before you came out with the ix500 Evernote version I am a heavy user of Evernote on the Mac, iPad and iPhone and do not have the time to mess with this problems. Thankfully while the Mac is trying to correct itself I have the iPad or iPhone to work with. Why am I getting two icons for the same app?Why am I getting the message of "migrating from a previous verion?”How do I correct this so I do not continue to have the above problems?
  5. Here is one of the sites. The table does not copy. Settings is set at Preserve All Styles http://www.idahorid.org/regionv/program
  6. I am having a problem with 5.4 Build ID: 251294. For example, I have a website that had a table in it and when it clipped copied everything that was there except the table which is what I wanted. Today I clipped a website with a coupon in it. It clipped everything but the coupon. I never had this problem before. What is the problem?
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